09 April 2011

exciting news!

Well, I have two exciting things to tell you guys!! 

1 I got accepted to be a vendor at the Indie Craft Experience in June....but the best part is that I'll be doing it with lovely Holly, which you all know and already love to pieces! 
I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I got the acceptance email this morning! So I'll be making a ton of product for this (starting immediately!) and I'll also be adding some additional items to the shop, which I am sooooo excited about! More info on that later.

2 Also, head on over to MaieDae's blog because she's doing a featured post on yours truly...AND we're having a give away! So be sure to check that out and follow the instructions and maybe you'll win!
Who doesn't like to win things?! 

Very exciting day! 
Are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?? 



  1. Yayayay!! So...I requested that my booth could be next to yours and Holly's. :) Can't wait!

  2. thanks guys!!

    ...and congrats to you too savannah! I'm totally sending in my request for us to be next to you today! its going to be a blast!

  3. Ashleigh! ... Congrats! How Awesome! I Googled & watched a video about the I.C.E. so I would know about it and I got even more excited for you! You will have so much fun!! I so want to move to Atlanta so that I can come & play with you guys!! :) ...

    Have fun planning and working on your projects!!

    much love,
    Tina :) ...

  4. yes!! please do! we love to play :)


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