18 April 2013

Copper Bottle DIY + A Spring Table!

I'm excited to share a quick DIY that really helped me brighten up my dining room table and get it ready for Spring! I bought these cute little milk glass jars at Ikea a few weeks ago at about $1.50 each. Hello great deal! At the time I had no plan for them, but once I saw them I knew that I couldnt leave with out a few.
Here's what you'll need:
Glass Jars - you can find these here
Painters Tape
Spray Paint
Plastic or Paper Bag

Step 1: Take a plastic bag - you can use paper bags or newspaper too - and wrap the top of your bottle to the point that you do not want the paint to cover. Secure the plastic down with painters tape, this will give you a nice crisp line. I made sure that I had enough plastic to push down into the bottle so that the rim didnt get any paint on it.
Step 2: Spray paint your bottles! I used copper spray paint and I really love the shimmer that it gives off. I only used 2 coats for these, but really I could have done one more.

Step 3: Once the paint has completely dried you can remove your tape and show off your new bottles!
I think they look great with some of my vintage canisters from my wedding. Spring is the best time to add in brightly colored trinkets all around the house!

I would also like to take this opportunity to admit that I am a lover of faux flowers. I know that I may lose some of you on this one, but I cant help it. I especially loved these green leafy branches that I found the other day at a local craft shop - they're so vibrant! Am I alone in this? I'm a firm believer in putting things in your home that you love...not because they're hip or because other people will like them, but because when you walk into your home you feel at ease and inspired to be your best. I am not so good at keeping real plants alive (although I am working really hard to keep one little guy going strong!), but I really enjoy having bright little bulbs around.
I try to update my table each season, but I didnt really change it up too much this winter. You can see my fall decor here.


  1. Now this is something I think I can handle doing myself! Love these!



  2. What a truly lovely idea! Thanks so much for sharing! We think we will definitely be trying something like this out soon. Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  3. These are beautiful! What a fun diy. I love the copper color... though it would look cool with other colors, too! Also love the vintage cans you put as an extra touch... very stylish.

  4. Cute! And I love your tin can vases! :)

  5. I made a copy

  6. Love these! What color and brand of copper spray paint did you use? I'm always looking for a gorgeous copper color like this.

  7. Hi just wondering what brand of copper paint did you use?? Thanks :) -audrey

  8. Just beautiful and so very creative! I too am a lover of artificial plants and flowers. So much can be done and they are so cheery when the real ones are not available. Thanks! :-) Kat

  9. Hello,

    What brand of spray paint did you use?

  10. Would also love the details on the spray paint used...thanks!

  11. It doesn't look like you answer questions but also looking for the type of spray paint and color used!

  12. I Love this DIY! What color and brand of copper spray paint did you use? I'm always looking for a gorgeous copper color like this.


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