28 December 2011

...and when you purchase this dress 20% of the proceeds go towards the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation of Australia! Can't beat that!

2.  Red, Red, Red!
I dyed my hair red several weeks ago, but it didnt hold for too long - EVEN when I tried washing my hair in freeezzzing cold water! I'm ready to give it another try!

3. This really cute tutorial from honestlywtf
such a cute idea - I can't wait to start my new 2012 planner!

well, remember this bathroom that I just fell in loove with?? Ever since finding this I've been on a search to find some sweet butterfly prints to recreate this.....and for only $15/each I think these might be a great option!

5.  new blog make over!
Its not drastically different but I am really excited about starting some new features in the new year! I've added some new buttons - they aren't up and running yet but I'm excited to explain all the details to you soon!


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