11 February 2012

365 Challenge: Week 6

5 Getting ready for the super bowl!
6 Nekot - its whats for dinner
7 Taking Norah to the vet...for the 3rd time
8 Chicken tacos
9 Making thank-you gifts
10 Book store date night
11 Staying snuggly at home in my slippers

This Week...
was a rough one for Norah...
...we had to take her to the vet several times because she wont leave her incision alone.
I finished my map ottoman aaaannnddd
I bought 2 amazing chairs for my next reupholstery class. 
I felt really thankful for the people that I work with.
Craig and I made time for cooking and sweet dates.
The Patriots lost...lets just move on. 
It got cold, finally. 

Hopefully next week little Norah can get her stitches and staples taken out and we can let her run free - she's been restricted to her crate for most of the week and its just heart breaking. Maybe if she wasnt so crazy and learned how to pull the staples out of her tummy she'd be a lot better off. too much? okay, I'm done...

Like I said I bought two chairs this week. These will most definitely be my 'before' pictures....
I cannot wait to get started...come on March, hurry up!!

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