05 December 2012

Before and After: Upholstered Chair

and After...
Lets be honest here, I can't lie to you guys.... this chair isnt completely finished. I still have to put the decorative tacks around the legs and add the dust collector to the bottom (you know that black fabric that is under the chair that will hide that awkward piece of pipeing hanging down). But I have so much going on that I'm not sure when I'll actually finish this. Honest moment...I don't always finish my projects 100%. Please tell me that I'm not alone in this....right?
I actually WILL finish these little details but my fabric for the dust collector is taking longer than expected to come in and I'm already 95% finished with another chair, which I'll show you all soon! 
What do you think? I saw a chair on Pinterest the other day that I wish I could have said was my ''inspiration'' piece, but no - haha! Even still, it's part of my spare room remodel and I really love how its neutral, but still has a fun pop of pink when you get up close. I promise that it will be 100% once I show off the rest of the room! No really, I pinky promise :)


  1. So much better without the puckering and ruffles! You modernized it and it looks great!

  2. This is so cute!! You are so creative. I wish I knew how to reupholster chairs. I might have to try my own hand at it to see if I can at all. I love the fabric you chose and you look so comfy sitting there. I can't wait to see your other chair. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. Looks awesome, and I was surprised how roomy it was when seeing the shot of you curled up in it... maybe it's the angle? Anyways, I'm dreading purchasing fabric to recover just the seats of a dining room set I bought of Craigslist. Would love if you could help me figure out square yardage? I didn't really believe the lady at Mary Joe's...

    1. haha - dont trust the ladies at Mary Jos! how many chairs are there?

  4. you and your blog are just adorable! love. new follower!


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