06 August 2011

Saturday Film

As it turns out I left my keys in Craig's truck today and was stranded at the house. So my trip to Athens was cancelled as well as any other vehicle ride for the whole day. It was really okay, it forced me to stay in bed longer with my knitting needles and play with the pup for a while....

knitting in bed....finding my happy place....

Kennedy turns into a lion around 2:00
We wouldn't know because we're never home...poor puppy!

Started on the boutonnieres - just the mock up, I'll finish them later this week

Patched the hole in Craig's jeans...I dont know why he refuses to get rid of them...he has like 100 pairs!

meeting deadlines...

Now Craig is home and we're having a pizza and movie night
we're watching Black Swan, hope its good!

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