07 August 2011

sunday loafing

braided hair tutorial from keikolynn
her blog is one of my newest obsessions
loving all of these adorable prints from blancucha

not cake pops....pie pops!
is it fall yet??!

Do you think Kennedy would mind this even though shes a girl?? SillyBuddy has the cutest 'necklaces' for your doggie....

I'm loving all things vintage right now! ...and this bird cage veil is amazing. I wish I had a reason to wear this....any excuse to buy it is welcome....any at all....hello..?? okay, jayjayamore, you might have to hold on to this one for me!

I am love love loving red hair!!...and those streaks of purple are pure genius! I already sent a picture to my friend/hairdresser with the shade that I want to dye mine...I just have to figure out when!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
I dont know about you but I'm already thinking that I dont want it to be over! Reset anyone?


  1. Thank you for featuring Silly Buddy in your wonderful post! :)

    Hande & Buddy


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