01 May 2011

day 30

top: Gap
skirt: AE
belt: Aerie
tights: Target
boots: Target
ring: Aerie

This is Venti.
She's Kennedy's bestfriend. Except that one time that she tried to kill her. 
Other than that, they're total besties. 

Speaking of besties, we got to see ours this weekend!!
Craig and I went out of town earlier than expected this week which is why all of my posts were super late! Sorry about that, but if you keep scrolling down I uploaded all of the pics! I was still taking pictures though! 

PLUS I got a hair cut! How do you like it?? 

YOU GUYS! We did it! We finished our 30 for 30 challenge! It wasnt the easiest thing I've ever done, but it was soo much fun!

Here are a few things that I learned:

1 If you are a jeans and t-shirt girl, thats okay! just pick more than 1 pair of jeans!
2 If you're only going to pick one pair than make it either your favorite or your best quality pair. This is not what I did and I couldn't WAIT to put on my favorite pair Sunday afternoon!
3 Investing in a good camera apparently is a good idea. 
4 Don't wait to take pictures at night. They wont come out.
5 Consider the weather. If you're starting at the beginning of April just know that in Georgia summer starts April 10th, and you're long sleeve button ups and cardis aren't going to work anymore! Bad planning on my part!
6 Doing it with a friend is the best idea! Speaking of which, you MUST go check out Holly's final outfits!
7 You have a lot more outfits in your closet than you think!

That last one is soooo true! I probably have never wore 20 out of the 30 outfits that I made before this challenge. Especially my blue UO pencil skirt: yeah...I had never wore that before - ever! and now its my favorite thing in my closet! 

During this whole thing my sweet husband has been ahhhmaaazing! He basically went outside with me every day and took like a billion pictures until I found one that I liked. He's such a trooper and deserves a big gold star. 

BTW: I have a TON out ridiculous out takes that I cant wait to show you! I think I'll post those for you tomorrow. 
They're freaking hilarious. 
I'm already completely embarrassed to show you all. 

Also....Holly is in Cincinnati right now running a marathon. Isn't she such a rock star??! 

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