09 May 2011

hello friends...

Happy Monday!!

Sorry its been a few days since we've spoken. 
I've been soooo busy!

Holly and I are getting ready for the ICE show in a few weeks, and we went antiquing on Saturday for some props. I actually ended up finding some really great vintage canisters for the wedding displays. I can't wait to show you!! I will try to take some pics tomorrow afternoon and post them. 

Also, I've been working on some pieces for the GMAN magazine
I featured this little guy in one of them....
VESPA and Gap teamed up to create this amazing ride. I wish I had a job that was close enough that I could just buzz down the street in my little vespa. 
Thats the dream, right? 

hmmm... I wonder if Craigy would get a discount on it. I wish!

I'll be back tomorrow to share some fun photos with you


  1. Ooh, I'd love that Vespa! :) I would just worry about parking it, people are so shady I'm sure it'd get stolen right out from under me the first week I rode it to work, ha!

  2. oh man! I would be so nervous too!! wonder if it would fit under my desk at work.... haha.

  3. I want that!! Correction, I need that!


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