27 May 2011

Hello...I'm Ashleigh!

Hey guys! 
I found this cute ABC game from Scuttle and thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit more about me...

Age: 22

Bed Size: Queen

Chore that you hate: LAUNDRY!! ugh! 

Dog: Kennedy-Buttons

Essential start to your day: oatmeal! I looooove it and eat it 5 out of 7 mornings :)

Favorite color: this one is always hard....purple?

Gold or Silver? Silver, please....and a little gold

Height: 5'2''

Instruments you play: well, I'm not sure how good I am at any of them now but I used to play the piano and flute for over 7 years and a little guitar....
+ edit: I did not play a little guitar, I played the guitar a little bit + 

Job title: Director of First Impressions. Fancy, huh?

Kids: just kennedy...but really, shes enough! 

Live: ATL, baby!

Mother's Name: Kristie

Nicknames: Craig calls me 'shorty' more than he ever says my name....

...my dad calls me 'babygirl', and my uncle calls me 'worm'...dont ask!

Overnight Hospital Stays: none ::knock on wood:: ::twice:: 

Pet Peeves: when someone sneezes and the other person doesn't say 'bless you' and leaving dishes in the sink and not rinsing them! 

Quote from a movie: "you didn't get new carpet!!!"

Right or Left: Lefty!

Siblings: I'm an only child...shocker.

Time you wake up: usually 6-6:30

Underwear: long johns...just kidding! 

Vegetables you hate: CELERY! I want to like it, but I really really dont!

What makes you run late: hitting the snooze so many times that it doesn't go off anymore 

X-Rays: Arm after a bike wreck

Yummy foods that you make: cinnamon-twist pastries & twice baked sweet potatoes

Zoo animal: This specific bear....we saw him when we went to the zoo after we first got married. He absolutely sat like this for like an hour. It was hysterical to see! Besides him...I would rather go to the aquarium and see all the fish! 

Wont you play along too?? Leave your answers in the comments or link up your blog! I'd love to get to know you too! xox

ps: one more thing about me is that I can actually say my ABC's backwards...really fast! my grandpa taught me when I was growing up...very cool, I know. 


  1. Age: 23

    Bed Size: double, cheapest bed frame from Ikea when I moved to Sydney

    Chore that you hate: taking the recycling down the elevator to the creepy car-park basement

    Dog: 13-year-old Patches!

    Patches boarding over Christmas 2010

    Essential start to your day: 2 Coles' brand Wheet-bix with skim milk

    Favorite color: purple. i have an aversion to warm colours and can always be found rockin' 2-3 "peacock colours" (purple, blue, green)

    Gold or Silver? both, wedding jewelry is platinum and i usually lean towards more antique gold

    Height: 5'7''

    Instruments you play: 1st chair low brass and low woodwinds in grades 6-8 playing the trombone, my mother and grandmother were also trombone players

    Job title: unsure, i work at a doggie daycare and do everything...

    Viva! pug x

    Kids: 0, we're planning to begin baby madness in 4 years?

    Live: Sydney, Australia!

    Mother's Name: Cece

    Nicknames: Bug. My husband is Bird.


    Overnight Hospital Stays: none

    Pet Peeves: too many to list

    Quote from a movie: "i pledge allegiance to the band"

    Right or Left: right

    Siblings: only child

    Time you wake up: 6am

    Underwear: yes

    Vegetables you hate: cucumbers, are they a fruit because the seeds are on the inside? still hate them.

    What makes you run late: trying to squeeze in one more chore before leaving

    X-Rays: broken left pinki toe

    Yummy foods that you make: nothing here in australia, we don't have any correct bakeware

    Zoo animal: llamas!

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  3. Rachael! I love your ABCs!! aaaaand can I just say that I can't believe Patches is 13...whoa!! I hope Kennedy Buttons lives to be that old :)

    Love to read about what you're doing in Australia, would love to see more pics! xox

  4. Ashleigh... Patches is old! Ha. and I miss you posting about your turning looks into rooms, etc. We seem to have the same style so when you're done with your show, which I hope goes well, I want more posts from you! I think my blog is coming along nicely, I'm working hard on getting follower but who knows


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