22 February 2013

Easy Weekend Reading

This week went by so fast! I did a lot more working on projects than I did posting them. Eh, some weeks are just like that. I'm also a bridesmaid in a friends wedding, so I spent a lot of time putting together invitations for her lingerie shower and shopping for gifts. Add in laundry, trying to cook more at home and working late somehow all of a sudden we're here at Friday. Whew!
Craig and I have also been swamped with making some major life decisions. No big deal, right? Once I have some more concrete information I'll be sharing a post about it. Exciting stuff though! I have the personality that tends to obsess about whatever I'm currently doing or wanting so I've been a bit wrapped up.
This weekend I would love to be sitting around with Kennedy Buttons and a warm blanket online shopping while it rains outside...but no. Craig is off Saturday and we have a date to clean the house. Like major cleaning. Also, we're throwing our bride her first shower, so there's plenty to plan and do for that.

If you have the luxury to grab a cup of tea and rest for a few minutes this weekend, please do so for me! Here's a list of some of my favorite posts that I read this week.....Enjoy!

Favorite outfit here
Best way to start your day here
Most inspiring words here
Something I'm looking forward to here
Decorating Inspiration here
Best instructional video here
DIY I'm most likely to complete here
Best Film/Cutest Pixie here


  1. Wow! that looks like some exciting plans, hope it's going well

  2. Busy is good! It only means that the tea drinking moments will be more appreciated when they come ;)

  3. Very true! I like the way you think :)


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