11 February 2013

Peach Pie for my Valentine

What are you planning to do for Valentine's day? Craig and I very rarely go out for dinner, we try to stay in to avoid the crowds. We really enjoy cooking together, so we usually try to make something new. If you're not into cooking a big dinner, but want to impress your sweet-heart, these little pies will do just the trick!

I have never made pies before, so I just sort of winged it when I was making these...but they turned out so great! If I had to do it all over again I would probably fill them up a little more and make sure that it gets nice and close to the edges. You live and you learn! 
Okay so first of all I bought some frozen peaches and just let them thaw out over night and they worked perfect. Also, I bought the premade crust - judge if you will...but it was quick and easy!

Here is how I made the filling: 
About 8 Peach Slices, chopped 
1/2 C Brown Sugar
1/4 C Sugar
1 tbsp Cinnamon 

Pop those babies in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees and make sure to eat them while they're hot! Add a scoop of vanilla icecream for me, please. Before you know it they'll look like this...


  1. Those are adorable and the look delicious!


  2. These are adorable. I love your food photography. xx. McKenna Lou
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  3. I think I'm going to make heart shaped pies tomorrow!! They are so cute!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  4. That looks so, so good! I'm definitely going to save this and make it one day! :-)

  5. Those treats look AMAZING and that plate is lovely!

    new follower :)

  6. I'm going to have to try this!

  7. Those look so wonderful! Such a great idea using the heart shaped cutters! I think I might have to give these a try for my fella :)

  8. OMG Ashleigh, these look amazing! I'm talking about the heart pies and your photography. I am definitely going to have to make these! I love your blog and happy to be following!


  9. I love pie and those look so yummy and cute! I think I may have to make a few tomorrow!

  10. These look so sweet, I hope to try these one day!

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