30 May 2013

Denim + Dandelions

On Memorial Day I went out with a great friend of mine, Shannon, to take some pictures in a field of dandelions. Seriously the most beautiful open filed that was hidden down a back road and in a neighborhood. How lucky for those people who get to pass this gem everyday on their way home?! So, Shannon is working on a crazy cool conceptual piece, that I'll hopefully be able to show you once its edited, and while we were out there I convinced her to take a couple of snaps for my new blog lay out. Oh yeah, btw, do you like it? Its still a work in progress but  instead of doing a huge reveal I'm just going to chip away at it little by little.

Shannon is an amazing photographer, she snapped 20 flawless pictures in less than 10 minutes flat. These are some of my favorites, but there are more that I'm sure you'll be seeing in some new pages that I'm working on. Check out her website, and if you're in the Atlanta area do yourself a favor and hire her to take pictures of your family, wedding, play dates, baby bumps, Christmas cards, engagements, everyday life...whatever. She is amazing and a super wiz at photoshop!

I guess this is now my official "Hello! Upholstery + Blog" blog....I feel like we should have a party! Okay, I actually have zero time for parties right now! haha. I'll be updating some pricing + contact info soon. Thanks for sticking with me! xox


  1. What gorgeous photos! You look lovely. And the new layout is great! I particularly like the title logo.

  2. Wild beauty is the most beautiful sometimes, isn't it?! Love these pics :)


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