03 May 2013

Easy DIY Display

We are getting ready to remodel our master bathroom this weekend - eep!! - and I am realizing now that I haven't even shown you how our guest bathroom turned out. You can all expect that soon. Maybe next week will just be bathroom reveal week, ha! 

This remodel couldn't have come at a crazier time. I'm in the middle of working what feels like 1,532 jobs and basically every thing in our lives seems to be changing, but we planned this weekend months ago. We must carry on! So, we found a great dresser online that we're turning into a vanity and we're adding double sinks! I am so excited to finally have my own space - but more than that I think Craig is excited that he can have his own neat and organized space and he wont have to look at my unorganized chaos.
Okay, back to the DIY...here's what you'll need:
Glass Vase
White Sand
Food Coloring
Botanical (optional, but always recommended)

This tutorial is about as easy as it looks, its more of an ''idea'' post than a DIY with step-by-step directions. Basically I set aside 4 bowls and filled them with my white sand. I put about 15 drops of regular blue food coloring in the first bowl to give a bright, vibrant color. Each bowl under that I used less and the last one didn't get any at all.
I picked up the vase and botanicals at Joann's and collectively they cost me less than $10. Not a bad deal at all. The size ended up being perfect for the space that I needed it to go. Ironically, with the remodel I wont be able to display these anymore because of the extra sink. I got to play with them for a few weeks, so I'll say that it was a good $15 spent. Maybe I'll pass it off to some one else - spread the love!
I've seen lots of people using rice or coffee beans to stick their makeup brushes in, which is probably cool too :)


  1. This is super cute! I especially like the ombre affect you created. Sorry about the remodel creating the space problem. Maybe you can turn the situation into a challenge to make a new one that fits in the new space? xoxo

  2. Oh this is cool! The sand is perfect to hold brushes, and I love the colour gradient

  3. oh my gosh best idea ever! i hate having ugly storage. this is the perfect solution! ah!

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