18 July 2011

Day 11

Favorite TV Shows

True Blood
It's a total guilty pleasure...definitely my number one show on right now! Sookie, please just be with Eric already...!

Ugly Betty
This is my Netflix fix. I never watched it while it was actually on, but now that all seasons stream instantly it's such a fun watch and easy to pick up when ever. 

Pushing Daisies
I finished this show a few months ago on Netflix...if you've never seen it you really have to! It might by one of my favorite tv shows ever! I can't believe it got cancelled. The outfits are amazing and the story line is unbelievably cute!

How I Met Your Mother
Funniest show on TV in my opinion! I feel so invested at this point... I just have to know how he met their mother! Ready for it to start up again this fall. 

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