10 July 2011

Day 9

A picture of your best friend(s)

These are our best friends! 
I went to high school with Steven - yes, we were in marching band together and no it wasn't lame! I got him a job at American Eagle, which is where I worked when I met Craig and then they became best friends! Luckily Steven went off to college and brought back Amber who quickly became my best friend! We all work so well together and we're so much alike! Amber is an elementary school teacher (how cute, right?!) and she is so creative and teaches me how to knit! I really wish they could move to Atlanta and we could both raise cute little families together and our babies could be best friends too!

Ok, that might not be happening any time soon since they just bought a brand new house in Charlotte, but a girl can dream! Meanwhile I'll just wait until the wedding comes when our best man and maid of honor come to see us! I can't wait!

We love you guys!

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