06 March 2012

365 Challenge: Week 10

26 70s disco skate party
27 late night jcrew dreaming
28 we had the most beautiful weather this week!
29 vitamin C
1 heart shaped yogurt covered raisins
2 bowling
3 drooling over the new mini cooper 'coupe'

This Week...
We bought a crate of cuties and I seriously cant get enough!
I had the mini serviced and allllmost took a new one home -eek
Our church put on a 70s skate party and it was a blast...
...and Craig won a new ipod nano!
I gave up sugar for 21 days - so far all I want to
do is eat cake all day.
I realized I am an absolutely terrible bowler, even though I
 own my own ball (waste of money? lol)
I drove with the sunroof back almost every day - it.was.awesome.
We had a fantastic dinner with some close friends.

all the basic components of a great week.

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