12 March 2012

Dear Monday...

Dear Monday, you are my least favorite day of the week. You make my clients cranky which makes me cranky. Please be shorter.

Dear Husband, next time you want to wake me up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym lets not do it the day after
we move the clock forward.

Dear Oatmeal, thank you for being delicious and warm on this rainy morning. I really appreciate the brown-sugary goodness that you provided me today.

Dear Kennedy Buttons, please make your ears flap in the wind every.single.day. like you did yesterday when your head was out the window. It really made me feel happy and giggly.

Dear CNBC, why are you so boring?!!! Please be more entertaining.

Dear Fabric World, thank you for selling amazing upholstery fabric for $2/yd and making my weekend happier. That chair isnt even going to know what to do with itself - its going to be so beautiful!

Dear Dirty Laundry, you have been defeated. I cleaned you up so good yesterday that there isnt so much as a dirty sock in my house! take that.


  1. Very cool blog! Love the layout! going to follow you & if you like follow me back :)

    The Golden Bun | new post | follow me

  2. yup. fun post, i totally feel you! daylight savings sucks the life outta me!



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