01 March 2012

365 Challenge: Week 8

19. Bath time for puppies
20. New shoes!
21. Warmest day of the year - 76 degrees!
22. Best Mac n' Cheese ever.
23. Pretty new notebooks for work
24. After dinner chocolaty mints
25. New color!

Okay guys - did you really just let me go a week with out posting anything?! Whew! Where did this week go...its almost time for me to update my week 9 post!

This Week...
(or last week...)
I colored my hair - and it looks exactly the same.
I got 2 new pairs of shoes! Whoop Whoop!
Enjoyed another fantastic Sunday off with the hubby
Worked on an exciting new post - I'll post it tomorrow! Pinky Promise!
It was sooo warm - and then so cold! What happened?
A certain birthday present came in the mail...but a certain birthday girl has not picked it up...::cough::

Honestly that's all I can remember from last week :)

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