13 March 2012

365 Challenge: Week 10

4. Sewing some drapes for a friend
5. Late night dinner with Craig
6. Beautiful views on my way to an early breakfast
7. Baby present for little Teresa
8. Lunch break reading
9. Fabric shopping
10. Helping Rachel move to her new apartment
This Week...
I started my 2nd upholstery class...
and found an amazing fabric store from which I bought 30 yards.
I went for tech training for work for 3 days.
I helped Rachel move on Saturday - unfortunately her new place is about an hour away - boo!
Craig and I finished our first 'Relations' piece for GMan,
we're so excited!
I lost my appetite for all food. Honestly, I haven't wanted to eat a single thing all.week.long.
We moved the clocks forward! Whoop Whoop!! I love daylight!

Norah is doing so much better - we started training her with the muzzle for her barking and biting (not really mean biting, just a lot of puppy biting). We just put it on her for a few minutes when she gets really out of control and she lays down...then we take it off and shes so much better. I recommend trying it if you have a puppy who is a little crazy. They're so lucky they're cute! 

Hope you guys had the best week! 


  1. I love your site layout! Glad Norah is doing better. That is a really good idea for puppy training! I am planning to get a little one soon and will keep it in mind!

    1. Thanks so much! Good luck with getting your little one - they're totally worth it once you get past the obnoxious stage, haha :D

      xx Ash


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