06 January 2012

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Only 2 more weeks til my birthday!
Hoping all these wisdom tooth problems will be long gone by then - thats all I really want for my birthday....and an iphone, of course!



  1. Ditto 7, 9 & 10! Though, I (mostly) satisfied my iPhone craving with an iPod touch. Since I'm super attached to my qwerty keyboard for texting, this is working out well. I do wish they maybe a 3G touch, though.

    Anyways... I hope you get everything on your list! Especially The Hunger Games! ;]

  2. Number 4 + 12 are totally awesome! I love the colours on the dress :)

    Say :D

  3. I love this wish list! that iphone cover is soooo amazing! :) i hope you get all of these!

  4. I am lusting over that EXACT same cookie jar! I saw it at anthropologie and just about died of cute!


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