23 January 2012

oh, happy day.

Can you tell from my very first Instagram photo ever that I....
finally got my new iphone?

oh, Happy Birthday to me!
Just when you thought I couldnt take any more pictures of my puppies - ohhh were you wrong!

You will have to endure my few days of silence for one more day. I have a class tonight so I wont be able to update my 365 Challenge post like I should have yesterday. All my photos were on my other phone and I'm in the process of transfering them over. Totally worth it though!

ps. if you want to track me down on instagram my name is ashflynnn


  1. Congrats on the IPhone!! Don't you just love it? When I got mine I thought, 'how did I manage without this?'

    =) K.Lynn

  2. great blog, i like your pictures <3

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That is totally how I feel, K.Lynn! I have no idea how I functioned before - its sad really. lol

    xx Ash


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