25 January 2012

365 Challenge: Week 3

15 Milk and Cookies on a Sunday afternoon
16 New glasses!
17 Early birthday present from mommy
18 Left over props from Craig's store
19 packing up super late Christmas presents
20 handmade suede journals from Craig's mom

This week...
was birthday week...
...another year older for me, mom and dad!
my boss got fired...ouch.
I started reading the Hunger Games
I got 3 new pairs of glasses
We took a trip to Charlotte
We finally celebrated Christmas with mom and dad
I got a new iPhone - wooo!!!
I got an official promotion at work
I took a trip to my favorite hair dresser for new color

Sorry the pictures are all sorts of hodge-podgey...is that a word? 
Now that I have my new fancy iPhone maybe I'll be able to take better pictures on the go. hello technology! 
ps. I'm also sorry that my update is super late - like I said up there, my boss got fired. Its been a crazy week! 



  1. what adorable pictures! I hope you keep up on the photo challenge all year long. can't wait to see more! Happy Birthday, by the way! xoxo

  2. oooh! i'm loving this :) just found your blog, ash, and i am smitten with it. lots of inspiration here..! i'm looking forward to following you and your 365 challenge! i may have to hop on this too..!

    your newest follower,


    come by if you have a chance, i hope we can connect! enchante.


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