13 January 2012

My Holga: Black & White

Pt. 1: Dog Walk


  1. whoa! how cool is that ghosty type photo eh?

  2. awe love your little pup! My son would go nuts over him :-)
    (he loves doggies)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love your blog!

  4. i received a holga for christmas, i'm so excited to see how my photo's turn out!
    yours look beautiful, cute puppypictures :)!

  5. Nina, you are going to love it! I can't put mine down now that I've seen how the pictures can turn out. Let me know if you post any, I would love to check them out :)

    xx Ashleigh

  6. Your puppies, your wedding, YOU! ... all so adorable! So happy that I came across all of your blog fabulousness.

  7. still haven't got my film back from the photostore, takes so long :(!
    I was wondering, how do you get your photo's digitalized? do you scan the negatives or do you get all your photo's developed and scan those?

    xoxo nina.


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