26 January 2012

it's all the buzzzzz

Sometimes when I get those ''new arrival'' emails from West Elm I cry just a little bit on the inside....because I know that I have to pay full.retail.price. for these beauties now, no employee discount - and how can I live with out them? No really, if I dont own that beehive cake stand I think I might cease to exist. I take my serveware pretty serious. And really?! Chevron and printed inside-out bowls?! You're really killing me, West Elm.


  1. ahh! West Elm is so dreamy! I used to wander through there all the time when I lived in the city..
    That cake stand is too much! need one:)

  2. Umm you work at West Elm? Jealousy. JEALOUSY. Maybe they'll want an intern...! :) And those bowls are precious.

  3. How cute is that beehive cake dome! I want it! :)

  4. @CourtneyLane I used to manage a Pottery Barn which is the same company - I would baaaaasically spend my entire check there. lol! but sadly I've moved on from the retail world and now I have to pay full price for things. sad day.


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