31 January 2012

just do it.

Way to go, Nike. 
You did it. You made me feel encouraged enough to bump up my training month to February. Originally I was going to wait til March until things calmed down a bit at work but now I'm thinking that I'm always trying to 'wait til things slow down' and they never do. 

I'm probably going to hate myself in the morning when I'm up at 5:00 - and I definitely contemplated not telling anyone that I was going to have a 'training month' so that I could get out of it...but now everyone knows. I officially cant get out of it. 

So for the next 30 minutes I'm going to pump my new iPhone full of super upbeat tunes to get my heart rate up. My hope is that it will be a good stress reliever and not just something I'm adding to the 1,940,583,729 things I'm already trying to do. 

oooh Ive been meaning to upload my new Holga film - oopsy! 
I'll be back tomorrow with that...


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