15 January 2012

365 Challenge: Week 2

8. Antique Shopping with Craig
9. Working on the corners of my ottoman in my upholstery class
10. Welcome to Moe's!
11. Ordered our new glasses from Zenni - cant wait to get them!!
12. my new flash came in for the Holga
13. working late, boo!!
14. A day at the dog park with the girls

This week....
things got a little crazy at work.
we took Norah to the dog park for the first time...
...and they looked so cute in their polos!
I had a lot of nightmares, it was weird.
I developed 2 rolls of film.
I was forced to do laundry.
We made buffalo chicken egg rolls...
...while we watched the Pats win!

Over all it was a very good week! Next week looks like it might be pretty crazy, but at least Friday is my birthday and we get to go home and visit everyone! whoop whoop! 


  1. fab blog, glad I happened across your little nook of the net!
    (love the Holga!)

  2. Love the background you have for the picture with your Holga camera! Plus I cannot wait to see the pics with the new holga!
    Plus buff chicken egg rolls? Recipe please?

  3. A lot of nightmares? I hate nightmares. I am a dreamer, literally. Sometimes I can have the most realistic dreams and they can freak me out.

  4. great photos. I´ve been thinking about a 365 photo challenge for years now and still haven´t started.... it seems to be truly challenging to me. you´re photos got me thinking again ;)


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