01 January 2012

Two Thousand Twelve

drum roll, please... 
It's time to announce Project 2012
In case you dont know, Project 2012 is my to-do list for the new year. I don't really make ''new years resolutions'' - I feel like no matter what you will never keep up with it. SO instead of putting "work out 4 times a week" I will change that to "run a 10k with Craig" it will produce the same results but at least I have a tangible goal to work towards. You can see last years list here.

1 Take a road trip to Gatlinburg
2 Read 5 new books
3 Re-upholster a sofa
4 Make a new dress
5 Run 10K with Craig & beat my previous time
6 Sit down with adoption agency
7 Knit full size blanket (see here)
8 Save up for a new camera (see here)
9 Develop and grow blog
10 Introduce Macy & friends
11 See 3 bands play
12 Buy a new house
13 Pick up playing piano again
14 try 10 new re-style projects
15 celebrate 6 years of marriage bliss
16 complete large paint by numbers project (see here and here)
17 enhance baking skills
18 commit to letting hair grow out
19 Start a new collection
20 complete 1 DIY project each month for blog
21 build new dining room table (see here)
22 visit boston in the fall


  1. LOVE the blog miss!
    Keep up the great posts, you are beautiful!

    Care to follow eachother?

    Happy new year also!


  2. Thanks love! Absolutely, I am your newest follower <3

    xox Happy New Year!

  3. very specific. i like it! here's to making it happen!


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