27 March 2011

Sunday Loafing



Have you found anything inspiring online lately?

...and guys! I have a super fun announcement coming later this week...

17 March 2011

5 things i totally love...right now

Really. I can not get enough of them! Im not quite sure if ill be using one or not, we'll just have to wait and see ;)

2 this print 

3 vintage oxford heels

4 amazing jewelry @ anthro right now

5 this outrageously adorable engagement session
watch the video at the end. amazing.

15 March 2011

back in business...

Now that I've relaunched my etsy shop and I just finished my first show, I'm realizing that I really should have had some business cards to take with me. Here are some fun ones that I found....

hmmmm decisions...decisions...

14 March 2011

inspiration: sweet summer

We're getting so close to those warm summer days (well..there's nothing warm about Georgia its just hot) but finally we can pull out those adorable sun dresses and sweet skirts and let our legs breeeaaatheeee! My favorite thing about the weather warming up is opening all the windows and letting the breeze flow through out the house....sooo beautiful.

So maybe it isnt warming up where you are yet...here are a few things to make you feel like you're here with me...

Lemongrass Soap

3D Wall Butterflies in Fuchsia

Elsie's whole new line is aaahhhmazing!
You can see it all here

Lemon Mousse Wrap
Sweet Summer Journal

Siesta Square Bathing Suit

Island Ikat Duvet
West Elm

12 March 2011

New Product!!

Alrighty! This is really just a *sneak peek* because these are just the scents that didn't sell out at the show this week! (although I only had a few left of each) I'll be making more of the others and posting pics of those soon!

Some of the other scents that sold out quickly were:
Pink Sugar
Lemon Grass
Wispy Willow**
Black Raspberry & Vanilla

Coupon Code: LoveStoned
20% OFF!

04 March 2011

missing you

yes, you. ive missed you so much!!
my days have been full of sewing, mixing and melting...and dancing. 
dancing because im so excited about everywoman conference / stylehouse coming up this next week!! seeing as though i dont really have anything to actually share with you yet I thought I would take some inspiration from maiedae (who is also doing the stylehouse by the way...!!!) and show you some of my favorite songs that ive been listening to while making all my goodies 

such great heights is always on my list
because its our song :)

hope you guys enjoy these as much as i do!

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