30 June 2011


Here are just a few lovely things that I've found lately...

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Yes, I know that the wedding is in 12 weeks. 
oh. my. gosh.

We haven't done as much planning as we probably should have, but we have started!! I bought my dress on Sunday. It is perfection. I had a dream about it
...they say that is how you know
I wish I could show it to you all, but I can't risk letting the Mister see it! I hope he loves it! 

We're going out on Saturday to find what the guys are wearing...and I'll be working on the boutonnieres probably next week. I'm ordering the invites tomorrow (I know..shame on me! I should have had that done by now!!!!)

aaaand we should be getting back our 'engagement' photos soon! oh my gosh, I cant WAIT to see them!! We got a little sneak peek this past week and it was so sweet. We might even be bringing in Jen to do the photos at the wedding! 


18 June 2011

Blue Balloons

Today we went on an adventure with our lovely friend Jen and 4 blue balloons.

More to come.....

15 June 2011

Indie Craft Experience

 The pictures are finally ready!!
Holly and I had sooo much fun this weekend, and we feel so blessed that we had so much support through out this whole project. 

Here's a little peek at our set up....

See the drawer that is holding my candles on the right?? 
I was helping to make the dividers here with Craigy 
(...but really, he did all the work!)

so happy that we could be booth neighbors with these lovely friends!!


* If you weren't able to make it but you would like to purchase something from the shop use the code IndieCraft at check out for 40% off!! 
((only good through 6/18))

14 June 2011

#15 Learn to use Craig's Jigsaw

Crossing off one more thing on my to do list this year!

Before I show you all my pictures and tell you my story let me take a second to say that I might have the best husband in exsistance. Its really true. He took my vision for all of our pieces for the show and made them a reality. He worked in the 100 degree weather in the middle of the day for hours and then got up on his day off at 6:00 to help us set up. Such a rockstar!
And then on top of that he took time out to teach me something....
Anyways enough about how much I looooove my husband - let me just show you the pictures

It was getting towards the end of the day so the pics are a little grainy, but you get the idea...

he's definitely the cutest teacher I've ever had.....

I will show you some pics of the finished pieces later...

13 June 2011

Hello Strangers!

As most of you know, Holly and I were vendors at the Indie Craft Show this past weekend - It was completely exhausting and amazing at the same time. We learned so much and grew closer as friends!

Leah and Mark had a super fun photo booth set up...here are a few clips from the last day...

I promise to have more pics of the actual show soon!!

ps. that last one was us waiting for them to 'fix' the camera
...Holly looks so regal! 
There were some pretty horrid outtakes! Haha!

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