23 February 2012

5 things I totally love...right now

1Ruche's Spring 2012 lookbook
Could it be more magical?!!

2Safe & Sound
okay..stop your judging...there will always be a special place in you-know-where for Taylor Swift for dating my man, Jake, BUT I loooove The Civil Wars and The Hunger Games aaand this song just so happens to be amazingly beautiful. So whatever. Taylor Swift you might have won a point or two with this one...but I still wont forgive you. 

I've been extremely inspired by these silk scarves all week. Apparently they were dyed with vegetables?! Now all I want to do is dye things all day. ::sigh:: 

4This Faux Terrarium
Please Note did this adorable Terrarium post on Skunkboy Creatures this week. I've been working on something similar for a project and think these little mushrooms are adorable!

I swear.  Every single piece from this shop is amazing. 

These are just a few things that I'm loving right now. I'm finding myself extremely inspired by sooo many things lately, but unfortunately I have zero time to complete anything. 
Ready for the weekend!! 

Whoop Whoop!!

20 February 2012

Sunday with the Flynns...

It was a rainy Sunday filled with tv shopping, puppy washing and microwave cooking. There really is nothing better than having a Sunday off with my guy. He's the best!

...and heres just a quick little peek at my saturday celebrating Rachel's birthday at the ballet. The pictures didnt turn out super great, you would almost think that there was a reason you arent supposed to take pictures inside...lol
I hope you guys had the best weekend!!

19 February 2012

365 Challenge: Week 7

12. Playing pool on a date with my guy
13. Missed my class because I had to work late - ice cream is the only solution for days like this
14. Happy Valentines Day! Strawberries & Champagne 
15. Carousel at the mall
16. I won a giveaway package on Pie n the Sky from 63 Strings
17. Bought a cute jacket from The Armoire 
18. The Princess & the Goblin at the Atlanta Ballet

This Week
was my favorite gal's birthday - we went to the ballet and it was beautiful...except the goblins...afterwards we went out and I got an $11 piece of cheesecake. seriously.
I got 2 fun packages in the mail 
we celebrated Valentines Day twice.
I started season 4 of Grey's Anatomy
I ordered a new pair of shoes - on sale! whoop whoop!
I also bought a birthday present that didnt come in time.

Over all my week was pretty okay - but I'm having the best weekend! Craig and I started to plan a small getaway soon - we're both in pretty desperate need of a long weekend away from our regular schedule. Maybe a trip to the mountains?

16 February 2012

pretty pretty chairs

All pictures and links can be found on my Pinterest
Ive been dreaming of fabrics and brads and staple guns for the past week. My second upholstery class doesn't start for another few weeks, but I just can't wait!! I just want to tear all the fabric off my two (1 and 2)  new - to me - chairs and get to nailing and stapling aaannddd sewing!! Maybe I should just focus on finding the perfect fabric, I'm sure that will take me a while.

How fun is that first picure with the pattern on the back of the chair?? These are all such great ideas!
Anyone need anything recovered?? :)


13 February 2012

Sunday with the Flynns...


On Sunday we
Enjoyed waffles at home in our pjs
Went into the city for lunch at Firkin and Gryphon where they had the most amazing turkey burgers and sweet potato tots ever!
Played a game of pool - I definitely lost.
Did some shopping at Craigs favorite hardware store and at the mall afterwards.
Unfortunately I did not buy those sunnies.
Went back home for a little nap
Enjoyed some Christmas popcorn (its still good!) and snuggled with the puppies

I love having days off with my husband - they dont come very often but when they do I love to soak up every minute of them.

11 February 2012

365 Challenge: Week 6

5 Getting ready for the super bowl!
6 Nekot - its whats for dinner
7 Taking Norah to the vet...for the 3rd time
8 Chicken tacos
9 Making thank-you gifts
10 Book store date night
11 Staying snuggly at home in my slippers

This Week...
was a rough one for Norah...
...we had to take her to the vet several times because she wont leave her incision alone.
I finished my map ottoman aaaannnddd
I bought 2 amazing chairs for my next reupholstery class. 
I felt really thankful for the people that I work with.
Craig and I made time for cooking and sweet dates.
The Patriots lost...lets just move on. 
It got cold, finally. 

Hopefully next week little Norah can get her stitches and staples taken out and we can let her run free - she's been restricted to her crate for most of the week and its just heart breaking. Maybe if she wasnt so crazy and learned how to pull the staples out of her tummy she'd be a lot better off. too much? okay, I'm done...

Like I said I bought two chairs this week. These will most definitely be my 'before' pictures....
I cannot wait to get started...come on March, hurry up!!

09 February 2012


Sometimes its easy to feel blue
and frustrated - and like a victim.
But then I remember that blue is kinda awesome and beautiful. 

If you're feeling sorry for yourself today, make the decision to stop. Fix what you can and leave the rest....am I speaking to anyone else today, or is it just me?


07 February 2012

A lovely DIY

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be doing my very first DIY! I love using water colors and thought it would be nice to send out some hand made valentines this year :)

Here's what you'll need:
1. bowl of water
2. blank notecards
3. white crayon
4. watercolors
5. paintbrush

Step One: Draw
For this part I decided to print out a cute font and trace the letters. I found this made it easier to keep the letters uniform...but its also fun to free-style it and see how it turns out!

Step Two: Paint

I love mixing colors and giving it more of an 'ombre' look. Keep in mind the more water you use the lighter the color will be, the less water you use the darker it will be. I used less water with the pink color at the top and more water with the peach color at the bottom. And the best part? Each card will be different!

Step 4: Press!
When your card starts to dry it will more than likely be wavey, unless you use really thick paper. Even still, I like to put the cards in a large book and press for a few hours.
Now you're ready to mail out your love letters!
Who will you send yours to?

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