29 August 2011

Swell Studios

Jen over at Swell Studios put on a DIY Backyard Wedding shoot and it is to die for! Seriously.
I am so happy they are shooting our special day. 

28 August 2011

Sunday Loafing: BHLDN

I only have 3 more weekends to plan for the wedding....
oh my.

I finished my dress this past week. It is perfect, I love everything about it. I'm ordering my shoes this week...actually I have 2 pairs that I'm ordering because I cant decide - we'll just have to let the dress make that decision. 

I feel really unprepared. So, naturally, I decided to waste some time loafing about the internet and found myself swooning over everything BHLDN. If only I had endless money....ha!

only 27 days to go!!

25 August 2011

shop // JuniperHome

Instant camera collection here...yes, please!
I have a love for all things vintage, and cameras might be at the top of the list! JuniperHome has some of the best finds that I've seen in any shop...

...not to mention this pretty amazing giant toy tonka winnebago!

check out their shop here!


07 August 2011

sunday loafing

braided hair tutorial from keikolynn
her blog is one of my newest obsessions
loving all of these adorable prints from blancucha

not cake pops....pie pops!
is it fall yet??!

Do you think Kennedy would mind this even though shes a girl?? SillyBuddy has the cutest 'necklaces' for your doggie....

I'm loving all things vintage right now! ...and this bird cage veil is amazing. I wish I had a reason to wear this....any excuse to buy it is welcome....any at all....hello..?? okay, jayjayamore, you might have to hold on to this one for me!

I am love love loving red hair!!...and those streaks of purple are pure genius! I already sent a picture to my friend/hairdresser with the shade that I want to dye mine...I just have to figure out when!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
I dont know about you but I'm already thinking that I dont want it to be over! Reset anyone?

06 August 2011

Saturday Film

As it turns out I left my keys in Craig's truck today and was stranded at the house. So my trip to Athens was cancelled as well as any other vehicle ride for the whole day. It was really okay, it forced me to stay in bed longer with my knitting needles and play with the pup for a while....

knitting in bed....finding my happy place....

Kennedy turns into a lion around 2:00
We wouldn't know because we're never home...poor puppy!

Started on the boutonnieres - just the mock up, I'll finish them later this week

Patched the hole in Craig's jeans...I dont know why he refuses to get rid of them...he has like 100 pairs!

meeting deadlines...

Now Craig is home and we're having a pizza and movie night
we're watching Black Swan, hope its good!

04 August 2011

new shop owners

There is a really neat feature on Etsy that will allow you to see shops that are either waiting for their first sell or have recently sold something. I thought it would be fun to see which shops could use a little push to help them out...here are some cute ones that I think you should check out

Support your local sellers!!

I've been busy at work on a new adventure! I can't wait to share it all with you - unfortunately you'll just have to wait! On a side note: I'm starting a reupholstery class in 2 weeks - I'm so excited...maybe I'll be able to start a 'before and after' section on the blog soon!

03 August 2011

inspiration: teal

All pictures can be found on my pinterest

I wasn't even searching for anything teal...I honestly hadn't noticed how much I loved it until I started looking at my pinterest boards and noticed the pattern. So much teal!
Now that I think about it...I totally love it!

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