26 April 2011

day 26

button-up: H&M
shirt: Gap
pants: Gap
shoes: Target

am I really not wearing any jewelry?? ....guess not.

As you can see here, I am totally out of poses. I'm running out of clothes and ways to show them, haha!

my nose is sooo stuffy, and its driving me crazy!! I never have allergies, but I can totally sympathize with you all now. 

Kennedy got into the trash can in the office and now I have to pick up all the trash because somebody left the lid off of it. Yeah, Craig....I'm talkin bout you.

I have to ship a candle to Indonesia tomorrow. 

We're leaving for NC soon, so I need to pack. aaaaand yes, friends, I will be getting my hair done as soon as we arrive! Because no, I was not trying to have the whole 'ombre' hair color thing going on...it just happened that way. 

...but maybe I should start telling people that I did mean to have this cool new hair trend that all the celebrities are doing. Then I would be cool. 

I think thats all that I have for tonight! I hope you all sleep well!

Check out Holly's blog to see what she wore today!
Only 4 days left! xox

25 April 2011

day 25

dress: F21
tights: Target
boots: Target
belt: Aerie
necklace: AE

Happy Monday!!
Today definitely felt like a Monday at work....
I really dislike Mondays. 
Sorry Monday...but Thursdays are better.

As much as I dont like Mondays...something amazing happened today!
A little fairy, we'll call her mommy, came into my house while we were working and did a few mountains of laundry, vacuumed, dusted and even changed out my fragrance diffuser. 
Aren't mommies the best?!! 
I can't even describe the amount of stress that was relieved, lol.
We get so busy sometimes and we forget the basics. Like grocery shopping too (which we did tonight...yess!!)

Life is good. 
I get to see 2 of my besties this weekend! I'm soo excited!
Also, I'll be getting a MUCH MUCH MUCH needed hair cut and color!! I cant believe I've taken 25 pictures to show you and I havent even done my hair! 

Head on over to Holly's blog to see what she wore today!!

24 April 2011

day 23

top: Rue21
skirt: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Target
necklace: AE
earrings (not shown): gifted

Happy Easter!!
As you can see I had the privilege of visiting with the Easter Bunny today...As it turns out, you are not allow to stand while holding the Easter Bunny. You must sit. Otherwise people will yell at you, in front of lots of children....and you will be sad. 
But isnt he adddooorrrable?!!

We had a great day! Lots of friends over for a cook out after a fantastic service at church. aaaaand then mom and dad came over for pizza tonight. It didnt really feel like Easter, but it did feel like a really awesome day. 

Yesterday on our bookstore-date I bought Water for Elephants and I cant wait to start it!! The movie look amazing! So with that I'm planning on retiring for the evening...why dont you check out Holly's outfit. She was pretty adorable today, as always!


day 23 + a sneak peek

top: Gap
jeans: F21
boots: Target
necklace: AE
watch: Fossil

Happy Saturday!!
This has been one of most chill weekends I've had in a looong time! I mean, I was still pretty busy, but at least I was busy at home. Until we went out to eat and spent some time at the book store. Thats all great though, I'll take a bookstore date anyday!! 

I got a lot done today for the ICE show! Working on some new product, which I would love to give you a little sneak peek of....

....introducing my new mineral makeup!
These are just a few preliminary colors that I came up with today...I'm still working on names. Do you have any suggestions?? 

Looking forward to having an exciting Easter tomorrow! I was a little disappointed that I couldn't buy a new Easter dress, but thats okay! I'm enjoying my 30 for 30 challenge!

Check out what Holly wore today...

22 April 2011

day 22

top: F21
dress: H&M
leggings: Aerie
wellies: OldNavy
belt: Aerie
ear rings: gifted

 Happy Earth Day/Good Friday!!!

It started to rain juuuusssttt as Craig and I went outside for our pictures, so I decided to run back in and grab my booties and umbrella. Actually I'm probably going to wear my boots from Target with this to service tonight (just so you know!)

I got my washi tape in the mail today...remember I was telling you about it?? OH MAN! they are sooo cute! I can not wait to use them!

Craigy and I are baking brownies and apple coffee cake for the cafe tonight...both of which I can not have. Thats okay, I'm having cheesecake when we get home!

Sorry this pic is a little blurry, I just wanted you to see how adorable my wellies are...and I was not going to ask Craig to go back outside again...!

Cant wait to see what cute little outfit Holly put together tonight @ church!!! You can check it out too, here!

21 April 2011

day 21

dress: Urban Outfitters
top: Gap
tights: Target
shoes: Target
belt: H&M

I'm feeling rather pensive today...
okay not really..but I thought the outfit deserved to look smart. 

Tonight Craig and I are BOTH going to be at the house AT THE SAME TIME! what?!!! I know! I'm going to try to take advantage of it by doing some cleaning, laundry, and I would really love to get some small grocery shopping done. But we're both so exhausted that we'll probably just veg out on the sofa. Very rarely do we get to do that anymore and we like to take advantage of it when we can....although if I dont do laundry soon Craigs going to be out of undies. 

hmm....decisions, decisions. 
I think maybe thats what I'm thinking about in my picture. 

Anyways, check out what my lovely friend, Holly, is wearing today...and if you're feeling rather generous *cough mom cough* come on over and help yourself to some dirty laundry. I'll feed you! Pinky promise. 


day 20

dress: H&M
tights: Target
shoes: Target
necklace: AE
bracelet: Aerie

Only 10 days left!! whoa, its gone by sooo fast!!

Today I got a TON of shipment in for the ICE show, so excited. I still have a few things coming in the mail and a few things, like business cards, that I still need to order. I feel like I have a ton of time, but in reality its going to go by like that *snap!* 

I wonder what Holly wore today?? This is the first day in about a week that I haven't seen her. I bet shes going through Ashleigh withdrawals.

We had a visitor during our photo shoot...this little one was lost. He is sooo playful! Don't worry, we found his owner, and Kennedy Buttons was extremely jealous that we were playing out side with another dog without her. 

Also, she ate a lot of styrofoam. I think I should probably be worried. I mean... a lot. I think she thought they were cheetos, because they look exactly like old cheetos. Like the white cheddar ones. 

Those are my favorite. 


5 things i totally love...right now

1 Vintage Tins
I want to make these for the center pieces for the wedding. So many possibilities!
found here, here, and here

2 Japanese Washi Tape
I just ordered these from leboxboutique for a new project that I'm working...more info on that later...btw: shes a super great seller, and she has a TON of great options to choose from!

Amazing is the only word that could ever describe this.

4 pretty easter eggs
these are the best easer eggs I think I've ever seen! Hand embroidered. Impressive!
See how they did it here.

5 this picture AND these colors!!
This light coral color is quickly becoming one of my very favorites! I hope we start to see a bit more of it this summer!

Aren't these all so much fun?!!

Also, I'm thinking of starting a 365 project...any ideas??
I dont want to do the photographs for each day, although I can incorporate photos. 
I'm stumped, any ideas??  

20 April 2011

day 19

top: F21
jeans: F21
flats: Gap
ring: Aerie

This picture was originally meant for an outtake. haha.
Holly and I couldn't figure out the best way to show off my ring.... this is all we came up with. amazing modeling, you know how I do. 
((hello red suv, thanks for being in my picture))

Today I went to work and Holly and I had another meeting. That was basically my day.
OHH!! and I had an IC Mango from Panera. That was awesome.
and delicious. 

I bet you're all wondering what Holly wore today....so go check it out!


ps. If you're looking for some great deals go to Whack-A-Deal, you can find 50% off of my LexingtonAvenue and Holly's Scuttle!

18 April 2011

day 18

top: F21
pants: Gap
shoes: Gap
necklace: Aerie
watch: Fossil

today has been full of so many highs and lows! 
how about we only talk about the highs? yes?

We had a SUPER exciting night!! 
Our men have been working extremely hard over the past few months on a website, whack-a-deal, and tonight was its first launch! Now, I say 'first launch' because they're still in the testing phase...however its LIVE! You have to check it out! Over the next few days there will be more deals being added to the site, and you'll be able to find some ahhhmazing deals! Let me know if you're interested in signing up! 

Official LAUNCH PARTY is going to be epic....and soon!  

(steve, craig, barn and jake via skype)

ps. did i forget to mention that they're giving away $500?!! oh...cause they are! 

turn this ROOM into a LOOK

I thought it would be fun, since we're doing the 30 for 30 challenge, to switch up our post this week. I love white rooms....its something Craig and I have had to overcome. I love them, he doesn't. So for now I'll have to live vicariously through images, and I'm okay with that. 

ps. those chairs just might by my favorite thing on the planet. 
pss. if anyone knows the source of this pic, please share. i've had it saved on my mac for a while now and cant figure out where i found it. 
psss. i will one day have a white room. fact.

happy monday! 

17 April 2011

day 17

top: F21
skirt: Urban Outfitters
boots: Target
necklace: Aerie
belt: Abercrombie
(Im pretty sure I bought that belt with a pair of capris when I was 12...)

I know...I'm glowing. 
No, its not cause I'm prego (geez guys! give that one up!)
I'm just really happy these days. Life is good. Working hard and playing hard, thats the way to do it, my friends. Inspiration is everywhere and I'm trying my very best to grab on to every single drop of it. 

*note: it actually looks like i'm glowing only because the sun was blazing this afternoon. but still. 

We went out with some friends after church this afternoon...pizza for lunch, mini golf for dessert...and then icecream for, well, 2nd dessert. My outfit was a little tired after all that fun in the sun. 

I've been incredibly lucky to spend all weekend with this cutie. 
he makes my life happy. 

speaking of cuties....check out what Holly did today for her 30for30 challenge!

16 April 2011

5 things i totally love...right now

these necklaces from verabel are to die for! gorgeous.

2 pretty nook
Savannah over at MaieDae just created this adorable little nook in her kitchen. She has some seriously cute finds here! I am absolutely loving those vintage mugs on the 2nd shelf!

3 Funnel Cake!!
Holly and I enjoyed this beauty today at the Dogwood festival. Totally worth the mile we had to walk to get to it! yummy.

umm...probably the cutest baby onesies on the planet. 
and no, i am absolutely not prego, but i know someone who is... ;)
or better yet, can i just get one in adult size?? k.thanks!

5 new west elm product
well, you did it again, west elm! except better. 
these bowls and mugs are amazing! yes, you all know that i have some strange addiction to bowls, and i have to buy adorable mugs (even though i dont drink coffee....) i really think they would look great in my new cabinet. hmmm....

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