31 July 2011

sunday loafing

Wow guys! It's been quite a while since I've been able to do a Sunday Loafing post...Sunday nights are usually the only night that Craig and I consistently have together so we usually either like to go out or veg out and watch True Blood (...no judgement!)
Luckily enough we came home from our tennis game and showered with just enough time for me to do some online browsing before we started the show!
Here are a few things that I found...

Happy Shopping!

online shopping

I spent some long over due shopping time online tonight and found some pretty amazing supplies for future projects....

via 1 2 3

Tomorrow is husband's birthday!! I can't wait to spend all day with him...we're planning on sleeping in, going to church and having lunch at firehouse subs (birthday boy request). Then we're planning on meeting up with some friends for a game or two of tennis before going out to dinner with family! We had a big cookout tonight with lots of friends to celebrate so tomorrow wont be too crazy. I'm excited to give him his birthday present!

Can't wait!! I hope that you're all having so much 
fun this weekend too!

29 July 2011

shop // catnapcottage

 I recently found this shop online and fell in love! Mostly with their vintage flour sack pillow cases! They're so unique and the colors are amazing! I'm hoping to be buying one or 
two in the near future... 

check out their etsy page here!

19 July 2011

Day 17

Something you're looking forward to

I've been so excited to share this one with you!
I definitely have some amazing stuff to look forward to this year...

Obviously Craig and I are having our ceremony in September, but we're also going on a honeymoon too and I've been so eager to share where we're going....

Montego Bay, Jamaica!
We booked the trip a few weeks ago and now we're just waiting for the big day! We'll be flying out on the Sunday after the ceremony and will stay for 5 nights!! Heaven. We'll be on an amazing resort with its own private beach....there are 12 restaurants on site, free room service, yoga on the beach, horseback riding, tennis...and I'm hoping we can go zip lining too! 

Day 16

Dream House

My dream house would be a small bungalow 

with fun vintage finds hiding all through out
and when you walked in you would feel happy inside

in the kitchen you would find a big chill fridge

lots of do-it-yourself projects

lots of ruffles.....

pretty wallpaper

....and framed artwork from the kids all over the house

( all photos can be found on my pinterest )

Day 15

Bible Verse

This is one of my favorite verses...not to say that I have a lot of trouble, but its just a friendly reminder that we have so much to be glad about! I keep it written on my mirror in our guest bathroom for a friendly pick-me-up! There are so many verses that mean so much to me, and it changes everyday. One day I feel like God can speak to me through one verse and it will mean something completely different when I come across it again. 
This one is simple. It is always the same and it always sends me this message. 

Just be glad. 

Day 14

A picture of you last year -
How have you changed?

Well, one thing is pretty obvious...
I'm not blonde anymore, and I added blunt bangs too.

I'm constantly changing my look, though. I've already planned my next hair style/color for after the ceremony!! It's just a fun way to keep things new. I've joked before that I might post a montage of different hair styles over the past year or so...it would be pretty funny. I just might do that one day. 
There are actually a lot of things about this picture that are different now...namely that the office has moved rooms and I've painted my desk from green to white. Both good decisions. 
But I do miss my blonde hair...

Day 13

Here are my top 10

Finish business plan for shop

Build a few templates for stuffed animals

Make a village of stuffed animals to take to orphanage in Brazil next year

Learn to play piano - again...

Run a 5K this fall

Launch a dress line

Get a tattoo

Work for myself/run my own business

Take an exotic vacation

Adopt a brother and sister and raise a happy family

18 July 2011

Day 12

Something you don't leave the house with out

This one is kinda tough...the only things that I never leave with out are my phone and wallet. But thats not very exciting. 

Here lately I guess 9 times out of 10 I dont leave the house with out gym clothes. I have my dress ordered for the ceremony but its going to be a bit snug so I'm using this opportunity to trim it down a little. Here are some cute work out clothes that I'm totally wanting right now!





I really like having something motivating me...I always feel so much better when I'm working out and eating right. It's amazing how easy it is to fall out of that habit, but I always enjoy it when I'm in it!

Day 11

Favorite TV Shows

True Blood
It's a total guilty pleasure...definitely my number one show on right now! Sookie, please just be with Eric already...!

Ugly Betty
This is my Netflix fix. I never watched it while it was actually on, but now that all seasons stream instantly it's such a fun watch and easy to pick up when ever. 

Pushing Daisies
I finished this show a few months ago on Netflix...if you've never seen it you really have to! It might by one of my favorite tv shows ever! I can't believe it got cancelled. The outfits are amazing and the story line is unbelievably cute!

How I Met Your Mother
Funniest show on TV in my opinion! I feel so invested at this point... I just have to know how he met their mother! Ready for it to start up again this fall. 

Day 10

Something you're afraid of

This one is a little too easy...I'm afraid of lotssss of things. 
It's a pretty big flaw of mine, honestly. 
But I wont bore you with all of the common things that I fear.

Something that I'm afraid of is.....
getting a tattoo.

Oh, how I would love to have a little something that was permeant to share with my love, but I'm so nervous! We actually have plans to go and get one together for our anniversary in september. We'll see...I'm still hoping that I wont chicken out!

13 July 2011

MAC down!

Hey guys!!

Just wanted to give you a quick little update. I know that I havent been keeping up with my 30 day challenge over the past few days...something terrible has happend! (okay, that may be a little dramatic...) Our Mac will not turn on...all we have is a white screen! Craig is taking him to see the genius doctor and hopfully he'll be up and running just as good as new very soon!

In the mean time check out Holly's Summer edition of the 30 for 30 challenge...I am so impressed that she is doing this again so soon! I hope that I can join in and do another one during the fall.

Hopfully I'll be back VERY soon to catch you all up on my 30 day challenge!

10 July 2011

Day 9

A picture of your best friend(s)

These are our best friends! 
I went to high school with Steven - yes, we were in marching band together and no it wasn't lame! I got him a job at American Eagle, which is where I worked when I met Craig and then they became best friends! Luckily Steven went off to college and brought back Amber who quickly became my best friend! We all work so well together and we're so much alike! Amber is an elementary school teacher (how cute, right?!) and she is so creative and teaches me how to knit! I really wish they could move to Atlanta and we could both raise cute little families together and our babies could be best friends too!

Ok, that might not be happening any time soon since they just bought a brand new house in Charlotte, but a girl can dream! Meanwhile I'll just wait until the wedding comes when our best man and maid of honor come to see us! I can't wait!

We love you guys!

day 8

A place you've traveled to

Viva Las Vegas!!
Craig and I haven't gone on too many vacations since we've been married, but we did take a few days for my birthday last year and flew out to Vegas! It was soo much fun!

Beautiful water show!

We even had a friend that we hadn't seen in a long time meet us out there! He lives in Arizona so he drove a few hours and we spent the whole day together! It was such a blast - and this was the BEST restaurant we went to the whole time we were there...I hope we can go back again!

Famous cowboy!

We stayed at NewYork NewYork and it was such a good decision, what a fun hotel! ...but I'm sure they're all fun!

This room was probably the most surprising thing I saw while we were out there (okay...maybe not) all of these people are betting on different games that were going on...it was really intense.

While we were out there we saw Cirque du Soleil, which honestly was like the scariest thing I've ever been to. Man, those people are really in character...but I would totally go back again, it was amazing! Also I found out that I'm pretty awesome at roulette...I doubled the money that I took with me, and I even won some for Richard too!

I love vacations, I'm so excited to tell you all where Craig and I are going on our 'honeymoon'! We officially booked the trip this morning! .....only a few more weeks!

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