02 May 2012

A little breather...

Hi guys!
I know that I haven't been around much lately, but life is just a bit out of control right now. Not literally, I am working on making it ''in control'' but nonetheless its pretty crazy. 
I have felt this pressure to be posting more, and then guilt for not posting more...and then I think about how long its been since I've done a decent post and its clouding my mind a little bit. 
I started this blog as an outlet, as most of us do, and right now I have lots of outlets....things things that are requiring a bit more of my attention lately and a few priorities that I need to straighten out. 

So here I am letting you know that I need a breather. No, I'm not breaking up with you..I just need some space. Its not you..its me. 
Okay, those are all the cliches that I can think of right now.

I will be back soon - feeling refreshed with lots of great ideas and things to share with you. I hope you'll all still be here when I get back!

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