27 May 2011

Hello...I'm Ashleigh!

Hey guys! 
I found this cute ABC game from Scuttle and thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit more about me...

Age: 22

Bed Size: Queen

Chore that you hate: LAUNDRY!! ugh! 

Dog: Kennedy-Buttons

Essential start to your day: oatmeal! I looooove it and eat it 5 out of 7 mornings :)

Favorite color: this one is always hard....purple?

Gold or Silver? Silver, please....and a little gold

Height: 5'2''

Instruments you play: well, I'm not sure how good I am at any of them now but I used to play the piano and flute for over 7 years and a little guitar....
+ edit: I did not play a little guitar, I played the guitar a little bit + 

Job title: Director of First Impressions. Fancy, huh?

Kids: just kennedy...but really, shes enough! 

Live: ATL, baby!

Mother's Name: Kristie

Nicknames: Craig calls me 'shorty' more than he ever says my name....

...my dad calls me 'babygirl', and my uncle calls me 'worm'...dont ask!

Overnight Hospital Stays: none ::knock on wood:: ::twice:: 

Pet Peeves: when someone sneezes and the other person doesn't say 'bless you' and leaving dishes in the sink and not rinsing them! 

Quote from a movie: "you didn't get new carpet!!!"

Right or Left: Lefty!

Siblings: I'm an only child...shocker.

Time you wake up: usually 6-6:30

Underwear: long johns...just kidding! 

Vegetables you hate: CELERY! I want to like it, but I really really dont!

What makes you run late: hitting the snooze so many times that it doesn't go off anymore 

X-Rays: Arm after a bike wreck

Yummy foods that you make: cinnamon-twist pastries & twice baked sweet potatoes

Zoo animal: This specific bear....we saw him when we went to the zoo after we first got married. He absolutely sat like this for like an hour. It was hysterical to see! Besides him...I would rather go to the aquarium and see all the fish! 

Wont you play along too?? Leave your answers in the comments or link up your blog! I'd love to get to know you too! xox

ps: one more thing about me is that I can actually say my ABC's backwards...really fast! my grandpa taught me when I was growing up...very cool, I know. 

26 May 2011

5 things i totally love right now...

1 Going on fun adventures with this lovely!
Holly and I went to the Wedding Day Hooray at the same venue the ICE show is going to be at...it was so much fun! aaaand totally made us extra excited about our upcoming event! 
Speaking of which, are you all coming to see us there?! I hope so :)

2 Finding fun items for the wedding!
Remember this...?? Well I started doing some shopping a few weeks ago and found some great vintage canisters for some wedding displays...epp! Actually I found lots of really great things that day that I've been meaning to show you. Hopefully soon!

3 Tutorials like this
I am most definitely making these!

4 This!
I'm not sure if its the picture or the tutorial....but I adooooore it!

5 please!!!!!
I want a pair sooo bad!! Just any ol' oxford heel will do! These are from JCrew, but I just cant spend 200 buck-a-roos right now (okay...ever!) on shoes...
Have you seen a good deal on any lately?? 
Keep your eye out for me, yeah? 

09 May 2011

hello friends...

Happy Monday!!

Sorry its been a few days since we've spoken. 
I've been soooo busy!

Holly and I are getting ready for the ICE show in a few weeks, and we went antiquing on Saturday for some props. I actually ended up finding some really great vintage canisters for the wedding displays. I can't wait to show you!! I will try to take some pics tomorrow afternoon and post them. 

Also, I've been working on some pieces for the GMAN magazine
I featured this little guy in one of them....
VESPA and Gap teamed up to create this amazing ride. I wish I had a job that was close enough that I could just buzz down the street in my little vespa. 
Thats the dream, right? 

hmmm... I wonder if Craigy would get a discount on it. I wish!

I'll be back tomorrow to share some fun photos with you

04 May 2011


Okay guys...here it is!
The best part of how awesome this challenge was is how awful some of the photos were...I feel like its only right to share with you...

*note: none of these pics are edited and are all completely awful. please enjoy!

I know you cant tell....but I'm quickly running from a bumble bee...you can tell that my right foot is heading straight for the door...

fixing my tank under my dress...
completely inappropriate

i cant see you!

what is that face??!

this one is hilarious to me because the book beside me says
'nasty girls'

even craigy gets an out take....
i laughed for about an hour about this picture. 

I hope you enjoyed all the horrible moments of the past 30 days...


01 May 2011

day 30

top: Gap
skirt: AE
belt: Aerie
tights: Target
boots: Target
ring: Aerie

This is Venti.
She's Kennedy's bestfriend. Except that one time that she tried to kill her. 
Other than that, they're total besties. 

Speaking of besties, we got to see ours this weekend!!
Craig and I went out of town earlier than expected this week which is why all of my posts were super late! Sorry about that, but if you keep scrolling down I uploaded all of the pics! I was still taking pictures though! 

PLUS I got a hair cut! How do you like it?? 

YOU GUYS! We did it! We finished our 30 for 30 challenge! It wasnt the easiest thing I've ever done, but it was soo much fun!

Here are a few things that I learned:

1 If you are a jeans and t-shirt girl, thats okay! just pick more than 1 pair of jeans!
2 If you're only going to pick one pair than make it either your favorite or your best quality pair. This is not what I did and I couldn't WAIT to put on my favorite pair Sunday afternoon!
3 Investing in a good camera apparently is a good idea. 
4 Don't wait to take pictures at night. They wont come out.
5 Consider the weather. If you're starting at the beginning of April just know that in Georgia summer starts April 10th, and you're long sleeve button ups and cardis aren't going to work anymore! Bad planning on my part!
6 Doing it with a friend is the best idea! Speaking of which, you MUST go check out Holly's final outfits!
7 You have a lot more outfits in your closet than you think!

That last one is soooo true! I probably have never wore 20 out of the 30 outfits that I made before this challenge. Especially my blue UO pencil skirt: yeah...I had never wore that before - ever! and now its my favorite thing in my closet! 

During this whole thing my sweet husband has been ahhhmaaazing! He basically went outside with me every day and took like a billion pictures until I found one that I liked. He's such a trooper and deserves a big gold star. 

BTW: I have a TON out ridiculous out takes that I cant wait to show you! I think I'll post those for you tomorrow. 
They're freaking hilarious. 
I'm already completely embarrassed to show you all. 

Also....Holly is in Cincinnati right now running a marathon. Isn't she such a rock star??! 

day 29

top: Express
jeans: F21
belt: AE
shoes: converse
necklace: AE

Guys, this is reality. 
Sometimes on Saturdays, I don't want to wear a cute dress. Sometimes I just want to throw on a pair of jeans and take Kennedy-Buttons for a walk. 
Easy Peasy.

day 28

tshirt: AE
pants: Gap
boots: Target
neckace: AE

This is my father-in-laws brand new 1977 280Z. 
I guess that doesn't make since...brand new and its a 1977.

What I mean is that he just got it. 
So its new to him. 
But its kinda old. 
I mean, its pretty sweet.

I think you got it. 

I told him that if he ever wanted to sell it that I would let him use my sexy-car-show-girl picture to help spark some interest. 

Craig says that's not necessary. 


day 27

top: Gap
skirt: Gap
belt: Abercrombie
shoes: Target
necklace: AE

I should really pick better places to take pictures. 
That what-ever-its-called is really distracting between my feet!
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