31 January 2012

just do it.

Way to go, Nike. 
You did it. You made me feel encouraged enough to bump up my training month to February. Originally I was going to wait til March until things calmed down a bit at work but now I'm thinking that I'm always trying to 'wait til things slow down' and they never do. 

I'm probably going to hate myself in the morning when I'm up at 5:00 - and I definitely contemplated not telling anyone that I was going to have a 'training month' so that I could get out of it...but now everyone knows. I officially cant get out of it. 

So for the next 30 minutes I'm going to pump my new iPhone full of super upbeat tunes to get my heart rate up. My hope is that it will be a good stress reliever and not just something I'm adding to the 1,940,583,729 things I'm already trying to do. 

oooh Ive been meaning to upload my new Holga film - oopsy! 
I'll be back tomorrow with that...


29 January 2012

Sunday Loafing

   I came across wit & whistle today and found the most adorable designs! You can find greeting cards, card sets, cute little jotter notebooks and prints. I specifically like the xoxo valentines day card at the bottom :)

Check out her blog too - I realize that I've seen so many things from her blog pinned on pinterest and didn't even know they all went together. How fun!

28 January 2012

365 Challenge: Week 4

22. Kennedy is exhausted from our trip back from Charlotte
23. Feeling fortunate
24. Having caffeine for the first time in months
25. Dreary weather
26. Lunch break at Moe's!
27. A little retail therapy after a loooong week
28. Kite flying in the city with Rachel

This Week...
I was able to start having caffeine again - thank you sweet Jesus
I had the absolute best day in the park flying kites
Craig bought me the best.fitting.jeans.ever.
Rachel and I finally exchanged Christmas gifts
I worked too many late nights in the office
I forgot to post pics of my new glasses - ooops!
We watched 50/50 - I fell asleep before it ended
I got a new roll of Holga film developed...
...can't wait to show you!

Did I mention that I can have caffeine again?! Because its kiiiiinda the best thing that has ever happened....besides my loving husband chosing to spend the rest of his life with me, of course. Don't ask me to choose. Just kidding. 

Love you babe!

27 January 2012

My Holga

I've scheduled a fun girls day tomorrow in the city with lots of picture taking, blog planning and picnic eating. I hope you are all planning to have the best weekend ever!


26 January 2012

it's all the buzzzzz

Sometimes when I get those ''new arrival'' emails from West Elm I cry just a little bit on the inside....because I know that I have to pay full.retail.price. for these beauties now, no employee discount - and how can I live with out them? No really, if I dont own that beehive cake stand I think I might cease to exist. I take my serveware pretty serious. And really?! Chevron and printed inside-out bowls?! You're really killing me, West Elm.

25 January 2012

before and after

I found this little cabinet at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It was perfect for a craft show I did with a friend a few months ago...you might also remember it making an appearance at my wedding too. 

Ive used this thing so many times - its amazing what a simple coat of paint can do!

365 Challenge: Week 3

15 Milk and Cookies on a Sunday afternoon
16 New glasses!
17 Early birthday present from mommy
18 Left over props from Craig's store
19 packing up super late Christmas presents
20 handmade suede journals from Craig's mom

This week...
was birthday week...
...another year older for me, mom and dad!
my boss got fired...ouch.
I started reading the Hunger Games
I got 3 new pairs of glasses
We took a trip to Charlotte
We finally celebrated Christmas with mom and dad
I got a new iPhone - wooo!!!
I got an official promotion at work
I took a trip to my favorite hair dresser for new color

Sorry the pictures are all sorts of hodge-podgey...is that a word? 
Now that I have my new fancy iPhone maybe I'll be able to take better pictures on the go. hello technology! 
ps. I'm also sorry that my update is super late - like I said up there, my boss got fired. Its been a crazy week! 


23 January 2012

oh, happy day.

Can you tell from my very first Instagram photo ever that I....
finally got my new iphone?

oh, Happy Birthday to me!
Just when you thought I couldnt take any more pictures of my puppies - ohhh were you wrong!

You will have to endure my few days of silence for one more day. I have a class tonight so I wont be able to update my 365 Challenge post like I should have yesterday. All my photos were on my other phone and I'm in the process of transfering them over. Totally worth it though!

ps. if you want to track me down on instagram my name is ashflynnn

18 January 2012

Happy Birthday, Papi!

A very happy birthday to my sweet daddy today!

I hate that I can't be with you to celebrate the big 2-9 (ha!) but I'm excited to see you in a few days for MY birthday!! woo!! 

oh yeah...back to you....enjoy your day, save me some cake and I'll make sure to save up all my hugs for you on Friday!! 
Love you!

is it obvious that I'm an only child? ;)

17 January 2012

3 ways to a brighter kitchen

1. Paint your cabinets!
This is so much easier than it looks - and there are a ton of great youtube videos out there to show you how its done. This was one of the first things that we did when we moved into our house a few years ago and it was the best decision I think we've made in the whole house. Unfortunately we did not choose paint that is quite this exciting but I am dreaming up some projects. shhh...don't tell Craig...

2. Add some accessories!
Oh how I love accessories. Bright ones, white ones, pictures, plants, vases, bowls...you name it, I've got one within 5 feet. My favorite thing about adding fun accessories is that they are interchangeable - and usually paintable! Treat yourself to an Ikea trip...buy something cheap and cheer yourself up.

3. Tile it up!
Okay, this one is a bit of a remodel - but tell me that you wouldn't be a happy camper eating your cheerios in that kitchen?! 
I rest my point. 

I am quite a sucker for decorating and painting things white. 
Craig and I are thinking about putting the house up on the market soon-ish and I find myself day dreaming of our new house all the time. I dont know where you are, but I'm excited to fix you up!

all photos from pinterest

16 January 2012

My Holga: Black & White

pt.2: a night at the flynn's
 Just a low-key night playing with puppies 
and making stuffed peppers.
Really enjoying this black and white film but I
 cant wait to try out my new color filters!

15 January 2012

365 Challenge: Week 2

8. Antique Shopping with Craig
9. Working on the corners of my ottoman in my upholstery class
10. Welcome to Moe's!
11. Ordered our new glasses from Zenni - cant wait to get them!!
12. my new flash came in for the Holga
13. working late, boo!!
14. A day at the dog park with the girls

This week....
things got a little crazy at work.
we took Norah to the dog park for the first time...
...and they looked so cute in their polos!
I had a lot of nightmares, it was weird.
I developed 2 rolls of film.
I was forced to do laundry.
We made buffalo chicken egg rolls...
...while we watched the Pats win!

Over all it was a very good week! Next week looks like it might be pretty crazy, but at least Friday is my birthday and we get to go home and visit everyone! whoop whoop! 

Sunday Loafing

I came across this shop this morning and knew that I had to feature it on my Sunday Loafing post!! The only problem? Picking which pictures to show you! There are sooo many awesome designs - and you know that I love the British flag! Head on over to skullandcrossbuns shop and pick a few to buy for yourself! 

I'm taking my little mint Holga out this afternoon
can't wait to see what I can get into!

What are you guys up to today??

12 January 2012

a lovely piano

I found out that I'm going to be bringing home one of
these babies for my birthday...eppp!!
It will look nothing like this at first but it
sure will be a fun DIY project!

10 January 2012

Today I am...

Happy that I didnt have to take any pain meds
Loving this 60 degree weather
Excited to visit my family next week
Annoyed at Norah's barking
Nervous about things I cant control
Needing a haircut
Grateful for redbox movie dates
Hoping that my birthday surprise comes tomorrow

Happy Tuesday!!

08 January 2012

365 Challenge: Week 1

1. making my first journal of the new year - remember this (#3) inspiration?
2. antique shopping with craig for some vinyl
3. found this awesome spool @ antique store the day before, winding it up with yarn
4. this is 1 of the 5 frozen mangos that I had from Panera this week. I was supposed to take the picture before I finished it
5. went home early from work with a sore mouth - Kennedy Buttons is my favorite snuggle bunny
6. taking the pups out for a walk
7. finally went to the doctor, and started some antibiotics - boo! 

This week I...
watched a lot of Greys Anatomy
drank too many frozen mangos
ate way too much ice cream
started taking antibiotics for the first time
missed 2 days of work
snuggled with my pups
missed my mom a lot
finished my vision board for 2012
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