31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Perpetual Magnet Calender $32
Today is the last day of 2010...I feel like maybe I didnt accomplish as much as I had hoped. But thats okay, I get to start a new year tomorrow!
I love starting a new calender. It's always been a dream of mine to design my own. I guess that's a little odd. The things that I want to accomplish come in strange form sometimes...and I think thats okay :)
I would imagine if I did make my own calenders that this time of year would be very busy for me. So if you're looking for a new calender for the 'new year' aaaaand you're wanting to support your local artist (yesss!!) let me help you find a few!

Wall Calender Poster 13x19   $19.95

2011 Printable Calender $5

A Year Of Dreams Calender $12

Illustrated Desk Calender $18

Dry Erase Wall Calender $74

Folk Calender $20

Yes, lets make this one the best year ever!
Goodbye 2010.

New Office

Here's my new office!
[[aaand a few shots of Kennedy Buttons]]

Let me know what you think :)

30 December 2010

Birthday Wishes...

In 3 short weeks I'll be 22
In celebration of this wonderful day, which I know you're all counting down to...patiently waiting for that moment that you can call me up and tell me that you hope I have the best. day. ever!!! No? In fact you didnt even know it was coming up? well fine then. 

Either way I have a few birthday wishes :) 

Holga Camera Sale $59.99
West Elm

Boots!!! I like these from Target
Only $23.99

To see these guys play at CenterStage. oh please!

Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles $10.99

Maybe a few sewing books....

A weekend get a way with Craigy and these guys!! 

A girl can dream...right?? 

colorful corner

house of turquoise 
what a cheery site!
I like to think that I'm pretty bold in the colors that I would choose to put together, but never has this combination come up. 

Eva Colored Glass Lamp $99
Pottery Barn

Loire Plate $4.95
Crate and Barrel

Tivola Model Radio $179.99
Room & Board

Grayson Leather Chair $299
Pottery Barn 

Stillness 8X10  $18

Cupcake Dessert Plates s/6 $80
**one of my favorite shops!!**

Lasso Orange Lamp $29.95
Crate and Barrel

Rainforest Leaf Dish  $34

29 December 2010

5 things i totally love...right now

1my new reading nook
remember this picture that I said I wanted to paint?? 
well, I finished it...aaand I love it!
[[I thought the grays would look better in the room]]

2 These adorable knit blankets
you'll be seeing these again in my "2011 to do list'' post! :)
They're sooo simple, yet sooo sweet! 

Itzfitz makes the most adorable handmade wreaths! 
These are 12'' but you can buy them in larger sizes.
Turns out it doesn't need to be Christmas to have a welcoming entrance!

4 Amy Butler
Her fabrics are so beautiful and this book has so many neat patterns in it!
I'm looking forward to picking up some of her fabric
during my trip to NC next week :) 

5 Old Fashioned Typewriter
I saw someone making labels for their clothing line by
literally putting the fabric through an old type writer. It had such an 
amazing look. Very unique! 

Get it together!!!

Mini Goals Clock $50
The new year is approaching us quickly!! I, for one, am certainly excited about 2011. I'm not usually the girl making new years resolutions but I've been working on a list of things I want to accomplish next year. More of a ''to do'' list...I'll be making that post soon! 

I've been working on my new office for the past few weeks and although I'm loving it, I feel like it still needs more storage. But really, come on, who doesn't need to get a little bit more organized?? I've been on the hunt for some great space saver ideas...heres a few items that I found

5 Drawer Cabinet $79
The Container Store

Chalk Labels $8

Magazine File $10

Paper Drawers $25.99
The Container Store

Paper Storage $21.55

Cloth Box $14.99

Slanted Jars $1.95
Crate and Barrel

Letter Tray $7.99

Library Flat Files $9.99
The Container Store

28 December 2010

inspiration: blue






27 December 2010

turn this look into a room: bedroom

. . . . . . .

Cirrus Duvet Cover

Cooper Cotton Mat

Rosy Knob, perfect for a dresser

Rainy Day in Central Park 20x20

Magic Umbrella 5X7

Rainy Day Branch 8x10

Panel Curtains
$29.99/ 2pack

Midas Tree Lamp

Brown and Mustard 18'' Pillow Covers
$30/ 2 covers

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