26 February 2011

sneak peek!

Just a quick sneak peek at something new that I'm working on for the stylehouse!!

More to come.... 
be excited. 

18 February 2011

Save the Date!!

 So the plan is that Craig and I are suppose to do wedding planning tomorrow. Seeing as though we have planned absolutely nothing...seriously, nothing....I thought maybe I should get started. This way I would have something to bring to the table. So I figure the first thing that we need to do is send out the save the dates....here are a few adorable ones that I found...

ellothere (above 3 images)

aprilink (above 2 images)

which ones are your favorites?? 
I'll be needing all the help I can get, so please feel free to make any suggestions :)

16 February 2011

turn this look into a room

plaid weekend

Man, its been a while since I've made one of these
posts, I'm so excited to be back at it!
I took most all of these items from Madewell.
Yes, you've heard of this magical little store....and I love it!
I wanted to do a weekend theme (maybe because im sooo wishing it was the weekend already!!) and I would totally die for this outfit! Lets see how we can translate this to a room...

Arlington Sofa
Pottery Barn

Biscayne Rug
Crate and Barrel 

 Cutler Vase & Timber Candles

Jacks Tray Side Table
West Elm

Vintage Pillow Covers

Grid Print Pillow

Vintage Milk Glass & Brass Owls

Swaying Stalks Lamp

13 February 2011

#9 Sew a Dress

I have definitly not forgot about my 2011 to do list!!
In fact I was able to check off one huge item already! I completed this one a few weeks ago and have been a total slacker about telling you guys about it!! 
I made my very first dress :)

Actually it was quite difficult. I had never tried anything like it before...and of course I decided to use this very specific print (so everything had to line up ever so perfectly) and its a jersey material (so it moved and shifted every time I tried to make a stitch!) Also, it has a cowl neck and drawstrings at the top and bottom....and if you look real hard you can see the pockets (I think I did a pretty dynamite job of lining up the pattern so you can hardly see them) 
aaaaaannnnddd.....Ta Da!!!  After several hours of hard work -and with a little help- I made this. I know the picture is poor quality, I desperately need a new camera, but you get the idea. 

So, there you go....what do you think?? 

A DIY State of Mind

I've been in such a DIY state of mind lately...and I'm loving it!! 
You know sometimes you just get inspired and you just want to create anything and everything? yeah, well I'm right there with you!! 

In case you aren't on the same wavelength as me, here are a few ideas to getcha goin...

Happy Weekend!

12 February 2011

11 February 2011

Valentine's Day Pt1

Well, this year (to avoid the crowds) the husband and I have decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a few days early. So we'll do the lovey dovey thing tonight. I'm actually really excited, I feel like we haven't spent any time together over the past few weeks. I just started a new job, Craig has work and meetings throughout the week....and every other second goes to the cafe at church or me getting ready for the stylehouse *I'll tell you more about that later! epppp!!!*
Nothing too crazy tonight just dinner and maybe dessert somewhere...or a movie. No chocolates though, cause I cant have them. Wait. Should I have bought him chocolates? Crap.

While I think on that here are some ADORABLE Valentine's Day inspired treats and goodies....



Hand Stamped Guitar Pick

Felt Fortune Cookie

Heart Garland

This would look so cute in a frame above my sewing desk!


love letter cookies....so sweet!!

Even Kennedy-Buttons should get a treat!

Side note: Craigy calls me shorty all the time...so I thought it was real cute that was the name of their shop :)

BTW have you all been over to Green Wedding Shoes lately?? oh em gee! They have the most amazing Valentines Day inspired feature...you have got to check it out!!
click the picture

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!
Do you have anything fun planned?

08 February 2011

Brighten: your kitchen!

I'm in the process of making some curtains for my kitchen....just a small valence above the sink. The kitchen just might be my favorite place in the house. Not just because the food is there....but thanks for the hint(!)....but I sooo enjoy shopping for kitchen gadgets and pictures and cookie jars and....
okay, you get the point.
So while doing a little bit of online 'window' shopping I found some neat things.

Laguiole Cheese Knive Set and Steak Knives

I'm actually very good at using chopsticks but c'mon! These are so easy!

Duck Measuring Cups

I'll take one in each color....


Custom 4 Piece Ceramic Canister Set

50 State Animals Tea Towel

Okay, so this might not be in the 'quick fix' category. haha

Low Wide Coper Bowl

Happy Shopping!!!
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