27 March 2012

iPhone updates...

 Beautiful weather, cute puppies, dinner with friends and road trips to Charlotte. The past few weeks have been so much fun - even when its raining its still beautiful outside!

I am absolutely dying to take my Holga outside! All the gorgeous flowers blooming and sunshine raining down on our beautiful city...maybe this weekend?!!!!?

20 March 2012

It's Springtime!

Spring is finally here!
Actually here in the south we didnt really get a ''Winter'' this year. 
And thats pretty okay with me.
Spring is for...
Little dresses
Yummy fruit
Puppy walks
Bike rides
Tennis matches
Pony tails
 Bright flowers
...and picnics

Does it get any better than that??
We've got a vacation coming up in less than 3 weeks!

19 March 2012

DIY: Fabric Wrapped Mat

I've had this extremely uninspiring frame in my bathroom for 3 years (man...that's a long time) and thought it might be time for a face lift. I'm sure that you all have random frames sitting around your house too so grab a few and lets do this together!

Here's what you'll need:
1 frame with mat
1 bottle of Mod Podge
1 paint brush (I prefer sponge)
1 pair of scissors

Here's how to do it:
Step 1 Lay your mat out on your fabric. If you're using a plaid like me, or stripes, make sure that your mat is straight.
Step 2 Cut around your mat. Make sure to leave about an inch extra to wrap. Cut inside the mat, as well.
Step 3 In order to wrap your fabric you'll need to cut slits into each corner inside the mat. 
Step 4 Glue your fabric, starting from the inside, to the mat. Try to keep it as straight as possible. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't look pretty yet - remember that you wont see this part once its back in the frame.
Step 5 Continue wrapping and gluing until it is complete. To finish the corners you'll have to wrap it like a present. Cut off any extra fabric that hangs off the edge. 
Step 6 Print out something encouraging and hang your new frame!

18 March 2012

Sunday Loafing

This shop definitely has more than just mugs and glasses - but you know how much I love them! Go over to see Housing Authority and check out all of their housewares...they have sofas, lamps, bowls, chairs, candlesticks, pots and pretty much anything else you want to put in your house. 

I hope you guys are having the best weekend - Mine has been a perfect combination of super productive and relaxing.

Happy Sunday!

17 March 2012

GMan - Spring!!

Spring has sprung!! Its a whopping 87 degrees outside here in Atlanta and the bees are in full buzz! 

I'm so exicted that its almost time for the spring edition of GMan to come out. Craig and I just started writing a new relationship colomn together and I cant wait for you all to read it. Of course, I'll still be doing my design/diy pieces for each issue as well. In fact, here is a little sneak peek of a recycling piece that I put together.
Like us on Facebook and we'll be giving away prizes this week!

Happy Weekend!

15 March 2012

1, 2, 3...

I want to rip off the carpet and paint my stairs immediately.

13 March 2012

365 Challenge: Week 10

4. Sewing some drapes for a friend
5. Late night dinner with Craig
6. Beautiful views on my way to an early breakfast
7. Baby present for little Teresa
8. Lunch break reading
9. Fabric shopping
10. Helping Rachel move to her new apartment
This Week...
I started my 2nd upholstery class...
and found an amazing fabric store from which I bought 30 yards.
I went for tech training for work for 3 days.
I helped Rachel move on Saturday - unfortunately her new place is about an hour away - boo!
Craig and I finished our first 'Relations' piece for GMan,
we're so excited!
I lost my appetite for all food. Honestly, I haven't wanted to eat a single thing all.week.long.
We moved the clocks forward! Whoop Whoop!! I love daylight!

Norah is doing so much better - we started training her with the muzzle for her barking and biting (not really mean biting, just a lot of puppy biting). We just put it on her for a few minutes when she gets really out of control and she lays down...then we take it off and shes so much better. I recommend trying it if you have a puppy who is a little crazy. They're so lucky they're cute! 

Hope you guys had the best week! 

12 March 2012

Dear Monday...

Dear Monday, you are my least favorite day of the week. You make my clients cranky which makes me cranky. Please be shorter.

Dear Husband, next time you want to wake me up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym lets not do it the day after
we move the clock forward.

Dear Oatmeal, thank you for being delicious and warm on this rainy morning. I really appreciate the brown-sugary goodness that you provided me today.

Dear Kennedy Buttons, please make your ears flap in the wind every.single.day. like you did yesterday when your head was out the window. It really made me feel happy and giggly.

Dear CNBC, why are you so boring?!!! Please be more entertaining.

Dear Fabric World, thank you for selling amazing upholstery fabric for $2/yd and making my weekend happier. That chair isnt even going to know what to do with itself - its going to be so beautiful!

Dear Dirty Laundry, you have been defeated. I cleaned you up so good yesterday that there isnt so much as a dirty sock in my house! take that.

09 March 2012

Upholstery Update

I started tearing apart my chair in my upholstery class yesterday - I am BEYOND excited!! The process of stripping the fabric off the chair turned out to be a lot more involved than I had anticipated. I cant wait to pick out the fabric that I'm going to use this weekend and start to put it back together again. I wish I could just speed through this class because I already have 3 jobs lined up! Whoop!!

08 March 2012

Buy This: Stay Gold Media

I'm so excited to finally show you the prints that I ordered from StayGoldMedia!
I bought them several weeks ago for a friends birthday and was finally able to give them to her today - Happy late birthday, friend!!

They are printed on vintage upcycled dictionary papers and are beyond adorable. They have so many amazing designs to choose from so if you aren't necessarily into moths coming out of skulls like my sweet Rachel is there is definitely something fantastic for you too. 

I can't wait to pick some out for myself!

06 March 2012

365 Challenge: Week 10

26 70s disco skate party
27 late night jcrew dreaming
28 we had the most beautiful weather this week!
29 vitamin C
1 heart shaped yogurt covered raisins
2 bowling
3 drooling over the new mini cooper 'coupe'

This Week...
We bought a crate of cuties and I seriously cant get enough!
I had the mini serviced and allllmost took a new one home -eek
Our church put on a 70s skate party and it was a blast...
...and Craig won a new ipod nano!
I gave up sugar for 21 days - so far all I want to
do is eat cake all day.
I realized I am an absolutely terrible bowler, even though I
 own my own ball (waste of money? lol)
I drove with the sunroof back almost every day - it.was.awesome.
We had a fantastic dinner with some close friends.

all the basic components of a great week.

04 March 2012

Happy Weekend!

This pretty much sums up my weekend
Hope you guys had the best!!

02 March 2012

Home Tour [pt1]

I thought it might be nice to give you guys a little peek into the Flynn house. These are just a few snaps of our downstairs...
we have a real dining room too - for some reason I didnt take any pictures of that. top secret, I guess..


01 March 2012

365 Challenge: Week 8

19. Bath time for puppies
20. New shoes!
21. Warmest day of the year - 76 degrees!
22. Best Mac n' Cheese ever.
23. Pretty new notebooks for work
24. After dinner chocolaty mints
25. New color!

Okay guys - did you really just let me go a week with out posting anything?! Whew! Where did this week go...its almost time for me to update my week 9 post!

This Week...
(or last week...)
I colored my hair - and it looks exactly the same.
I got 2 new pairs of shoes! Whoop Whoop!
Enjoyed another fantastic Sunday off with the hubby
Worked on an exciting new post - I'll post it tomorrow! Pinky Promise!
It was sooo warm - and then so cold! What happened?
A certain birthday present came in the mail...but a certain birthday girl has not picked it up...::cough::

Honestly that's all I can remember from last week :)
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