30 June 2011


Here are just a few lovely things that I've found lately...

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Yes, I know that the wedding is in 12 weeks. 
oh. my. gosh.

We haven't done as much planning as we probably should have, but we have started!! I bought my dress on Sunday. It is perfection. I had a dream about it
...they say that is how you know
I wish I could show it to you all, but I can't risk letting the Mister see it! I hope he loves it! 

We're going out on Saturday to find what the guys are wearing...and I'll be working on the boutonnieres probably next week. I'm ordering the invites tomorrow (I know..shame on me! I should have had that done by now!!!!)

aaaand we should be getting back our 'engagement' photos soon! oh my gosh, I cant WAIT to see them!! We got a little sneak peek this past week and it was so sweet. We might even be bringing in Jen to do the photos at the wedding! 


1 comment:

  1. so excited to see your wedding being put together

    have the time of your life!


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