30 October 2011

#7 - Make Craig's Bowtie for the Wedding

I've completed a few tasks over the past few weeks off my
2011 To Do List
slowly, yet surely, I will tell you all about them...

#7 was to make Craigs bowtie for the wedding
To be honest, I didn't really know if think that this was going to happen, but to my own surprise I kicked butt and knocked it out! 

and not only did I make Craigy's bowtie, but I also made all of the ties for the guys! It was such a fun learning experience....I had worked with patterns before, but only with someone else. This was my first crack at it by myself, and I feel quite proud of myself!

here's Craig modeling the first one that I made
isn't he so handsome!?

and of course, all my boys together!



  1. Omgoodness, they turned out AMAZING! Kudos to you! I decided to buy all 8 of the bow ties we needed for my wedding, and I wish I had attempted to make them now!!!!

  2. Thanks!! I'm so happy with how they turned out - you should still try to make a tie for your guy, it's really a ton of fun!! xox


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