Our Wedding

On September 24th I had the amazing opportunity to re-marry my best friend. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary and we were able to have the most amazing wedding that we couldn't have the first time around. 
I didnt think that I could fall more in love with my husband until we exchanged vows in front of all our family - I'm the luckiest girl.


  1. Too cute! Congrats!

    XO Cat


  2. That last picture is adorable :) And I love your hair :)

  3. I just found your blog via Honey Bee's and I have to say this is the most touching set of wedding pictures I've seen in forever. I love that you took time to be patient to have a renewal ceremony to have the wedding you had dreamed of. It's so great to see that after 5 years it was probably just as powerful if not more powerful than the first time around.

    I am a newly wed - and I love this so much! Adorable! ox

  4. OMG! You two are so adorable! Your wedding looks amazing. I found your blog via pinterest and it looks very cool! Looking forward to reading more!

  5. ASH! This is all just toooo cute! I'm so proud of you! Your blog has totally replaced my real estate google time at work! Meg!

  6. simply the best!

  7. I love these pics! I'm getting married June 1st. I'm showing my photographer some of these pics to re-create!!!


  8. Very cute! love the pics. just wondering, do you know how many ounces the mason jars you used were?


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