29 November 2011

#13 - Run a 5K

I did it!!
To be perfectly honest with you guys, I really did not think a month ago that I would have crossed this off my list...
I ran my very first 5K!

It may not seem like a lot to most of you but it was a goal that I would have never completed with out a new years resolution. 
I made some pretty poor choices during this race - let me break it down for you:

1. I did not work out one single day for 2 months before the run
2. I did not stretch (baaaaddddd decision!)
3. I did not drink water before running

well, I was running a bit late for the race and should have taken a few extra minutes to AT LEAST stretch. seriously. 

but I did make one great decision....
I took this girl with me :)

we really had a blast and I finished in 40:01 minutes.
not great but not too bad - at least I have a goal to beat next time!

Go out there and make some goals - even if you think you'll never accomplish them, you just might surprise yourself!

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