03 February 2011

5 things i totally love...right now


Georgia Varidakis Jewelry


Elizabeth Lydon Studio

1 Geode Slices
Man, I really cant get enough of them! Remember this post and it had that amazing leaf dish?? Yeah, I looooove it!

2 Heart Shaped Crayons
I found these adorable heart shaped crayons made out of crayon scraps for Valentines day!! Also, I went online and found a cute tutorial in case you wanted to make some....in the video she does random colors for each crayon but I definitely like them all in the same color group. 

Craig and I just took over the cafe at our church, and we're trying to enhance the ''bakery'' aspect of it. So yes, I have another DIY project! These tiered stands in the first photo are so cute!! *be sure to use cupcake liners when placing items on the tray, if you decide to make these*

4 Scientific Optimism 
haha, I love this!

This shop has the most adorable display shelves and book ends. Tell me that this wouldn't be the sweetest thing in a kids room. Shut up! 


  1. Something I love? Your 5 things lists... they always are full of awesome stuff!

  2. Thanks for sharing all this great stuff. I love those heart shaped crayons :)


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