18 February 2011

Save the Date!!

 So the plan is that Craig and I are suppose to do wedding planning tomorrow. Seeing as though we have planned absolutely nothing...seriously, nothing....I thought maybe I should get started. This way I would have something to bring to the table. So I figure the first thing that we need to do is send out the save the dates....here are a few adorable ones that I found...

ellothere (above 3 images)

aprilink (above 2 images)

which ones are your favorites?? 
I'll be needing all the help I can get, so please feel free to make any suggestions :)


  1. I really, really LOVE the last two & the first one. If I had to put them in order I would probably say... 1)typewriter 2)balloon 3)ticket stub. They are all so cute, that is a very hard choice.

  2. hey lady.

    could you do a post about DIY stationery/thank you cards? that's something that i want to get into and i thought you could do an adorable (as usual) post about it.

  3. yes joan! i would love to, what a fun idea :)


  4. if you go to stumbleupon.com you can create a whole internet search on just wedding stuff, it pulls up all kinds of awesome ideas. Just thought I would share :) <3


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