13 February 2011

#9 Sew a Dress

I have definitly not forgot about my 2011 to do list!!
In fact I was able to check off one huge item already! I completed this one a few weeks ago and have been a total slacker about telling you guys about it!! 
I made my very first dress :)

Actually it was quite difficult. I had never tried anything like it before...and of course I decided to use this very specific print (so everything had to line up ever so perfectly) and its a jersey material (so it moved and shifted every time I tried to make a stitch!) Also, it has a cowl neck and drawstrings at the top and bottom....and if you look real hard you can see the pockets (I think I did a pretty dynamite job of lining up the pattern so you can hardly see them) 
aaaaaannnnddd.....Ta Da!!!  After several hours of hard work -and with a little help- I made this. I know the picture is poor quality, I desperately need a new camera, but you get the idea. 

So, there you go....what do you think?? 


  1. So cute! I love it :) and man those boots look so good with it. I am going to have to come to Georgia so you can get my measurements to make me one!!!

  2. That's adorable! Great job! And YAY for crossing things off lists. :)

  3. Hey!
    I'm behind on your blog (Can you tell?!) ... but had to comment! ... This is just too cute! Great job! :) ...

    love ya!
    Tina :) ...


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