28 December 2012

Craig-isms: the perfect Christmas gift

You've all seen these Ryan Gosling funnies floating around Pinterest lately, right? Well I think they're positively hilarious. I can't help myself but to really laugh-out-loud when I read them.

Well, Craig surprised me with his own versions that he likes to call "Craig-isms" - probably the best Christmas present ever..? I think so. He gave them to me as a early present on Christmas Eve. I was laughing so hard that night...here's a little peek.
^ this one is a bit facetious, he hates when I do that, haha

We had a really great time at Christmas! My parents came into town and we made cookies, wrapped presents, ate all of our favorite dinners, and watched silly Christmas movies in our PJs. It was really the best time. We were having such a great time that I totally forgot to take any pictures! oopsy.

Our handmade gifts both turned out so great - it is still my favorite part of Christmas. I'll be sure to show a few pictures tomorrow of those.

I hope you all had the very best time with your friends and family too! Next up: my favorite holiday, New Years!!


  1. These are absolutely hilarious. And adorable.
    I want a boyfriend, just so I can get him to make things like this for me. Hahaha.


  2. Damn, this is so cute! I just discovered your blog and am loving it!

  3. Totally reading through old posts - can't help it. These were SO funny. I'm thinking maybe I should spend my evening photoshopping something similar to valentine's day.

  4. hahaha. your husband is very witty. i like the one of him using tools the best. i LOLed a few times reading through those, and i take my LOLs very seriously. :-) you got a good one it sounds like!


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