04 March 2013

March: What's for dinner?

I have been doing so good these past 2 weeks of not eating out (I did cheat once, but I was an hour away from the house and it was almost 9:00 and all I had eaten all day was yogurt...I really deserved a pass that day). It's been several months since I made a dinner menu and after seeing Molly's post this past week I figured that it was about time to start doing this again. I started yesterday so there is nothing ''planned'' for the 1st or 2nd. Don't worry, I ate plenty :)

I am already feeling a little better from my fast food detox, but it could still be better. I didn't make all of the right decisions, but I'm on the right path. It's been really difficult to not eat red meat and pasta every.single.day. now that I know I'm allergic to chicken. I've been eating turkey in its place for most dishes, but its more expensive and I have a little suspicion that I'm having some issues with turkey too, but can't be sure yet.

Do you plan out your meals? We always make better decisions when we plan - and we love to cook together, so its a great way to sneak in some quality time too!


  1. I'm starting to plan out meals like this!! It's such a great way to feel organized and not eat fast food!! Good luck to you keeping to the schedule!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. In Australia my husband did all the shopping and he would plan by week. He was amazing in planning to buy certain ingredients in bulk and spreading it out throughout the week, or cooking the meat at the beginning of the week so that nothing had the chance to go bad. At the end of the week we never even threw any food away because he had planned portions to a T! _rachael

  3. Love! Zac and I made homemade pizza a couple weekends ago - yum. <3

  4. I need to plan my meals better so that I'm not always resorting to my back-up plan of sushi!

  5. Yeah, you're smart. I need to start something like this! I'm not a planner...but I bet it makes it more fun to pick out all of the things that you want to eat that month...and probably makes shopping easier too, huh!



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