11 March 2013

My Holga: Blush

I had the most beautiful weekend! Saturday I hosted a lingerie shower for one of my best friends - afterwards all of the bridesmaids lingered and chatted until late into the night. It was just the best time getting to know some of these lovely ladies, and of course snuggling with my bride.

On Sunday I accidentally slept in too late, but I wasn't mad about it :) After running some errands and cleaning the house I threw on some baggy pants and floral shoes and took out the Holga. It was the most perfect 70 degree, roll your windows down, tshirt no jacket kind of day. I just drove and drove looking for pink items to photograph. It was such a fun challenge, and the perfect medicine to restart my system after a long week.

I basically listened to this song on repeat the whole time...just to give you the full experience


  1. So fun! Love the pink search adventure!


  2. So so so so so insanely fun and gorgeous. xo

  3. Great snapshots!

    xo Jennifer


  4. What a great weekend! It sounds so relaxing and fun. So glad you got the chance to sleep in. xx. McKenna Lou

  5. This is such a great idea. I've always wanted to drive around with my camera - capturing the beauties all around me. Even better.. you got everything pink!

    Wonderful photos!



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